How To Get A Double Platinum Album In BitLife

How To Get A Double Platinum Album In BitLife

If you want to become a famous singer with a double-platinum album in BitLife then you’d better buckle up. With a lot of dedication and enough practice, you too might get there. Just might. Your character can get a platinum album with enough sales by using the right method. Joining a band is no longer … Read more

How To Get The Jackpot In Subway Surfers

How To Get The Jackpot In Subway Surfers

While there are a ton of abilities in Subway Surfers, quite often, it takes a ton of money to get and upgrade them. One of the simplest ways to get this money is by winning the Jackpot. However, to get the jackpot, you will need to open the Mystery and Super Mystery Boxes. But will … Read more

How To Beat Chiara In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Chiara Lobosca is a character that players meet during their journey in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. She is introduced to players with the Lone Wolf adventure side quest where players learn about her dark secret. Upon successful completion of the quest, Chiara will be added in the player’s list of friends. However, before that can … Read more

How to Change Your Phone Number in Telegram

Changing your phone number on all social media platforms after switching to a new network provider can feel like a chore. However, it’s an essential step to make sure you have access to all your accounts in the future. Like other secure messaging apps, Telegram also offers a way for users to update their phone … Read more

How to download Android 13 Beta 2

Google hasn’t even given Android 13 an official on-stage announcement yet but you can already try it out with the release of the first public beta. Those with a compatible Pixel phone can download it now and take it for a spin Now Google I/O has taken place, Android 13 is available on third-party phones … Read more

What are the Different Game Modes in Evil Dead: The Game?

Whether you’re a multiplayer gamer or you prefer some quality solo action, Evil Dead: The Game has something for you.  The game has been predicted to be one of the biggest horror titles in 2022. Beating even the crowd favourite, Dead by Daylight that dropped earlier this year. But how many game modes are in … Read more

Alexa's funniest jokes, songs & more: here's how to hear them

You probably already know that Alexa can tell jokes. But Amazon’s virtual assistant is also clued up on the year’s festivities and big events, so she can answer your questions and offer more equally cringe-worthy (but still funny) jokes for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and other times. Below you’ll find a list of over 100 things … Read more

How To Play Artery Gear: Fusion On PC (Using Emulator)

A lot of us love the classic Artery Gear: Fusion mobile game but for whatever reason, sometimes, you just can’t play the game on your phone. Whether it be because of memory issues or speed, a PC is always going to be the superior option. Today, we’re going to talk about how to download Artery … Read more

How To Unlock All Legends In Apex Legends Mobile

If you have already started playing the game, and wondering about how you can unlock all Legends in Apex Legends Mobile, we have all the answers for you. The Mobile version of Apex Legends is a bit different than the PC/Console variant. As we all know, unlocking the Legends in Apex Legends PC/Console for new … Read more

How to watch Disney+ in another country

Disney+ is one of the biggest TV streaming services in the world right now, with a whole host of TV shows and movies from the likes of Marvel, Star Wars and the Disney library.  However, despite being readily available in over forty different countries, there are times when the platform has exclusive content that isn’t … Read more