Adorable Home Guide For Beginners: Tips, Tricks, And Cheats To Get Ahead In The Game

Adorable Home is an idle, relaxing RPG where players can live out their suburban life alongside their partners and their cat named Snow. Players get to redecorate and redesign the home, care for their feline friend, and collect a lot of hearts. While the game is pretty chill and players do not have to make too much effort to perform well in it, we have put together some tips and tricks for beginners to ace Adorable Home.

Adorable Home Guide: Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Adorable Home is a game that allows players to relax and live a calm suburban life. Players can get more items for their homes by purchasing them through the shop for Hearts. While players will earn some number of hearts anyways, there are a few tips and tricks that can increase their output a lot. Let us take a look at these through our Adorable Home Guide for beginners.

Take Care Of The Cats


The best way to get hearts in the game is by feeding and taking care of the cats. To feed a cat, players must click on the cat food bowl located on the bottom right corner of their screens. This will take players to the backyard if they are not already there. Now, players can refill the food bowl for the cats. There are different varieties of cat food available. Higher-quality food will cost more Hearts to purchase. However, it will also get better rewards for players. After being fed, the cats will grant Hearts.  Higher-quality food also requires less time to yield rewards.

In addition, players can also take care of their cats to earn Heart points in the game. Beginners often forget to care for their cats and decrease their chances of getting Hearts in Adorable Home. Players can stroke their cats, cut their nails, or shower them in normal water. If players do these activities without hurting their cat, they will receive Hearts.

Add More Cats

Another good tip for beginners in Adorable Home is to increase their number of cats. Not only are the numerous cats adorable to watch, they also greatly increase the number of hearts players can receive in a day. While at the start of the game players only have one cat, they can get multiple cats from the cat gift boxes in the game shop. Cats also increase the likelihood of getting Moments so it’s a win-win situation all around.

Watch Videos For Free Hearts

Players can get free Hearts by watching videos in the game. This is a quick method to get Hearts as each ad grants 50 Hearts. Players can watch up to 10 ads per day and get 500 Hearts for free. To watch ads, players can click the + option next to the Hearts in the top-right corner. Moreover, players can also watch ads to double their rewards when they get them. This is also applicable to the Lucky Channel rewards.

Use The Lucky Channel Offer

In addition to ads, players can also get rewards if they get the lucky channel on their TV. For this, players will have to keep an eye on their TV as the Lucky Channel appears on the screen randomly.

Prepare The Bento Box


Players can get additional Hearts if they prepare a Bento Box for their partner. To prepare a Bento Box, players just need to click on the box in the bottom right corner. Now, players can plan out their Bento Box with a main dish, a side dish, and a dessert. Food items can be purchased from the shop in exchange of Hearts. Players can also upgrade their Bento Box from the plain wooden one given by default.

Unlock More Moments

Moment are pictures of memorable times in the game. Players can unlock more moments by simply decorating the garden and looking after the cats. If players do this often, they will discover a new moment in their game soon.

Buy And Decorate Garden

To wrap up this Adorable Home Beginners Guide, players should unlock the garden as soon as they get the chance in the game. This will allow them to get new visitors. Players will need Hearts to unlock the garden.

This concludes our Adorable Home Beginners Guide. For more AH content, check out Adorable Home Codes Or Cheats.


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