Top 5 Best Weapons In Albion Online

Albion Online is a free-to-play medieval fantasy MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive. This game is based on the Arthurian Legends and is popular for its PvP gameplay. The Albion Online has very ruthless game mechanics, where if you die/lose on the battlefield, then you’ll lose every single thing in your inventory. That’s why your characters need to be strong enough to slay others on the battlefield. There are many viable weapons available in Albion Online, but if you’re looking for the ideal one, then we’ve got you covered.

List of Top 5 Best Weapons To Play in Albion Online

If you don’t want other players to loot everything in your inventory, then you need the best weapon to defend yourself. To help you choose the best weapon in Albion online, we’ve prepared a list for you.


In Albion Online, if you’re playing as a Mage and looking for a perfect weapon to do lots of AOE damage, then Permafrost can be the one for you. This weapon is perfect for battle in groups, because of its AOE and CC damage skill. If you’re a newbie then you should surely pick this weapon and give it a try.



Bloodletter is also one of the best weapons. It is considered the all-rounder weapon in Albion Online. It is the most viable weapon that has your back in every situation, whether it is group battles or solo. And as a bonus, it also adds a lot of mobility to your kit. However, if you reach it’s ultimate, then Bloodletter can eliminate anybody below 40% Health, just by a single shot.


bow albion online

The Bow is a very legendary weapon and also very effective. Although it’s not ideal for group combat it’ll surely slay in 1v1 fights. There are many Bow variants available in Albion Online but, for a newbie, the regular bow is recommended. It has a very high single target damage rate and also has pretty good mobility. However, your shot needs to be very accurate and if played right, it’ll undoubtedly finish your opponent in a blink of an eye.

Carving Sword

carving sword

A Craving Sword is a melee weapon and is considered to be very versatile on the battlefield. It also provides several utilities during group battles. And when it comes to its ultimate abilities, it deals a lot of damage and Debuffs to the enemies. Carving Sword also provides pretty good mobility. And if you use the Heroic Charge ability in the first slot, you’ll be able to gain stacks, which will help you move faster.

One-Hand Mace

one hand mace albion online

Many players think One Hand Mace is only good for group battles, but they’re mistaken. This is one of the underrated weapons in Albion Online. It can slay in any situation, whether it’s solo or group battles. And has decent mobility and CC, you can add more CC to it just by using the Leering Cane. Although it has been frequently used as a Bruiser by many players and you should give it a try too. In order to make the weapon unbeatable just pair it up with Mistcaller to lower its cooldown, and you’re good to go.



Greataxe is a special mention for those who have started playing the game recently. This is an ideal weapon for beginners, newbies can easily wield this weapon and win combats. It is a viable option for solo and even group battles, just pick it up and start slaying the enemies.

The developers of the game frequently Nerf or Buff the weapons, but these top 5 weapons are considered to be the constant best weapons in Albion Online. If you to play more MMORPG games, then we just have the right article for you, here’s a list of all the top 10 best MMORPG games for you.


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