Arknights: How To Get Originium?

Arknights is a free-to-play tactical RPG and tower defense mobile game. There are many resources in the game that can help accelerate your progress. One of the rarest resources in Arknights is Originium. This resource can be used to purchase Operator Outfits, Packs, Sanity, or Pulls. In addition, you can also exchange it for Orundum which is another rare resource in the game. Let us find out how to get Originium with the guide below.

How To Get Originium In Arknights?

As one of the rarest resources in the game, it is obviously not easy to get Originium. You can get it for clearing 3-Star stages for the first time. Apart from this, you can spend real money in the Shop to get this resource. If you do not want to use your Originium to purchase Operator Outfits, Sanity, or Pulls, there is another way to utilize this resource. You can exchange 1 Originium for 180 Orundum.

Since Orundum is used to pull the gacha, it is extremely useful to stock up on it in the game. Each gacha pull will cost you 600 Orundum which can be obtained by exchanging around 4 Originium. Similarly, 10 gacha pulls will cost you 6000 Orundum which can be obtained by exchanging around 34 Originium.

However, exchanging Originium is not the only way to get Orundum. You can also get it through Daily and Weekly mission rewards. In addition, you can also acquire them from the Annihilation Mode.

You can use Orundum to pull the gacha, If you do a 10 gacha pull for a new banner, you are guaranteed a 5 Star pull. The banner is refreshed around 2 weeks. So keep checking back often to see what each new banner has to offer.

This is how you can get Originium in Arknights. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more guides related to the game, check out Arknights Tier List – All Best Operators & Characters.


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