How To Assign Jobs In The Walking Dead: Survivors

The Walking Dead: Survivors is a mobile strategy game where players need to survive in a world full of Walkers. However, hacking and slashing Walkers is only part of the game. Players must also build their own settlements to progress in the game. These settlements will thrive much quicker if players assign jobs to idle Survivors in The Walking Dead: Survivors. There are different jobs that can be assigned to Survivors. Let us take a look at each of these below and learn how to assign them.

Assign Jobs In The Walking Dead: Survivors


Survivors can either be assigned to a building or Scavenger sites. Both methods will ultimately contribute to the progress of the settlement. The first way is to assign Survivors to specific buildings to increase their production. This can apply to buildings like the Gun Shop and the Stable. Players will require a certain level before they can assign jobs in these buildings in The Walking Dead: Survivors. Players can check the required level to assign Survivors for a building through the side menu. Players will not be able to assign Survivors to the Farm, Lumber Yard, or the Well.

Alternatively, players can also choose to amp up their resources by building a Scavenge Center. Here, players can assign the Survivors to gather veggies, lumber, meat, etc.  Based on the location of the Scavenge Center, they can be a great location to get the primary resources in the game. Players can send out formations or assign single Survivors for the job. In addition, players that constantly upgrade their Scavenge Centers will have the option to send out more Survivors.  However, there is no minimum requirement level for Scavenge Centers unlike Buildings.

These are the two methods players can use to assign jobs in The Walking Dead: Survivors. For more TWD: Survivors, check out The Walking Dead (TWD) Survivors Codes


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