Azhagi+ Tamil Font Free Download for PC/Windows 10 .ttf File

Azhagi Tamil Font Free Download – It’s a free transliteration tool used to convert the words to regional languages like Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Manglish and some other Indian languages which The Hindu named as among the transliteration tools that “stand out” in 2002.

Azhagi Tamil Font

In 2006 Azhagi was the recipient of the Manthan Award of Indian’s Digital Empowerment Foundation and the World Summit Award project in the category Localization. In the same year Azhagi was identified as a “Success Story” by Microsoft’s Indic language computing site.

Azhagi Tamil Font Free Download for PC/Windows 10

Azhagi Software

Azhagi is a software that can transliterate the English text into Tamil and vice versa. It can execute a number of transliterations either on its own interface, or on any variant of Microsoft Word. you many also send E-mails containing the Original English text and the transliterated Tamil text and the transliterated Tamil text to the attached RTF file.


The Software will enable you to write to Tamil in almost any application (Including Firefox, Internet Explorer and windows Live Messenger, among many others) just by pressing the F10 key. You will use the English keyboard again by pressing F10.

Azhagi Tamil Font

Azhagi Tamil Font (more than 900 beautiful fonts) – These fonts were not developed by me but by other developers. Hence, some of the download links below (ending with the words ‘Link2’, ‘Link3’, etc.) will take you to external sites. You can download the required Unicode fonts by clicking the download links available therein and/or following the instructions therein.

Azhagi Tamil Font Free Download for PC/Windows

Azhagi Tamil Font Free Download for PC/Windows – It is a feature-rich transliteration software for Windows users. The program has a user-friendly and flexible Tamil transliteration scheme (English-to-Tamil key mappings) which helps you transliterate easily and intuitively, both during “typing” your Tamil text and also while “editing” your already typed text.

Azhagi Tamil Keyboard (1)
Azhagi Tamil Keyboard (1)

Azhagi Tamil Font Free Download for Android

In 2016, Azhagi Tamil Font has launched the Mobile App for Android users with the custom transliteration feature. Though this app is created based on Indic Keyboard, it supports both the transliteration and transcription

Azhagi Tamil Keyboard (2)
Azhagi Tamil Keyboard (2)

Azhagi Tamil Font TTF Download

Download Tamil Font in TTF Format Unicode Fonts (more than 900 beautiful fonts) – These fonts were not developed by me but by other developers. Hence, some of the download links above in .ttf format.

Download Azhagi’s TSCu_SaiIndira.ttf Unicode font – it is a dual encoded (Unicode cum Tscii) font, as such.

Alagi Tamil Font

Alagi Tamil Font likes Azhagi Tamil Font. Alagi typing mistakes “X” please type write words “Azhagi”. If you type Alagi words then Google automatically shown Azhagi Tamil Font. I hope You understand please type write words for download tamil font.

Azhagi Tamil Keyboard

Azhagi Tamil Keyboard already 16 languages with multiple keyboards, by default. But, you can easily extend Azhagi+ yourself – to type in ANY language-font-keyboard combination.

Azhagi Tamil Keyboard (3)
Azhagi Tamil Keyboard (3)

Azhagi Tamil Typing Software

Azhagi can also transliterate from Tamil to English ( reverse transliteration). The Software provides a Unicode converter that will make it simpler to exchange some text written in Tamil with other users. You can also type text directly into Tamil characters with the aid of a keyboard interface that you can display on the computer by pressing F7. The keyboard layout should indicate where you can locate the correct key that fits the Tamil symbol you’re searching for. You may select either of the three formats available: Phonetic, Tamil typewriter or taminet99.

Azhagi Interface

Azhagi is a modern version of Software with additional functionality and benefits. It is also 100% safe.  (e.g. Auto Tansliterator, Reverse Transliterator, Dual-Screen Transliterator, SAT Transliterator etc.) do not find a spot in Azhagi.

How to type in Indian languages in any application?

    • Start Azhagi+ by clicking it’s icon in the Desktop or Quick Launch Bar.
    • Change focus to any other application window (e.g. Gmail, MS-Word, etc.) and place your cursor in the application’s usual typing/editing area. 

Note: Please DO NOT close the Azhagi+ application at this point. You can minimise or hide it to the tray, but do not close it.        

    • Press the required hotkey. For e.g. ‘Alt+3’ is the default hotkey for ‘Tamil+Unicode+PhoneticTransliteration’. 
    • Start typing in English. And, you will see it in Tamil (if you pressed Alt+3), see it in Hindi (if you pressed Ctrl+1), and so on.
    • That is all to it. So simple. Isn’t it? Well, if you opt to auto-start Azhagi+ with Windows, then it becomes even simpler – just a one-step process as follows: “Open any application, press Alt+3 (Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3, etc.) and start typing in Tamil (Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, etc). As simple as that.

Important tips

  1. The full list of “English to Indian languages” key mappings are in-built into Azhagi+.
  2. You can change the hotkey for any LFK at any time to the one which is convenient for you.
  3. Please read this if pressing an hotkey (say ‘Alt+3’) does not give you the desired results while typing.
  4. Kindly be aware that Alt+3, Ctrl+1, etc. are all toggles. For e.g. if you press Ctrl+1 once, you can start typing in Hindi. If you press Ctrl+1 again, you can start typing in English. Same is the case with ALL hotkeys (incl. the global hotkey – e.g. F10).
  5. If (and only if) you are using WinXP and if you are not able to type in Indian languages in MS-Word, MS-Powerpoint, etc., please ensure that you have installed Azhagi+ using “AzhagiPlus-Setup.exe”. i.e. you should not use the portable version ( of Azhagi+.
  6. If you wish to type in TamilNet99, you have to press the appropriate hotkey. The default hotkey for ‘Tamil+Unicode+Tamilnet99’ is Alt+Shift+3.

Features of Azhagi Tamil Font:

    • Azhagi+ Enables typing in Indic languages in Windows XP in MS-Word, it doesn’t require to enable Unicode explicitly.
    • It gives Portable Support so that one can use it from pen-drive itself
    • One can have one’s own hotkey for any LFK (Language + Font + Keyboard Layout combination) (no need to be dependent on F10 which may not work in laptops if function key configurations are changed)
    • There is Dynamic in-built help for keymappings of all languages (no need to refer online help pages)
    • One can change existing key mappings in any manner for any LFK (Language + Font + Keyboard Layout combination) in an easy and straightforward manner – quite unique among the Indic computing
    • One can create one’s own keyboard layout for any LFK.

Conclusion on Azhagi Tamil Software Free Download on PC/Windows

I suppose you have followed each step carefully for Azhagi Tamil Typing Software. After downloading this Software on the PC.

I suppose software doesn’t downloading your PC. Then you can download apk file or zip file on your PC. Now, import the zip file on your PC.

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