Best Roblox Games With Voice Chat (VC) Option (July 2022)

Want to play Roblox games with your friends but are unable to communicate with them? Don’t worry your solution has arrived and is ready to use. Roblox has become more exciting because of the new voice chat feature, now you don’t need to use some third-party software/app to talk with your friends. The voice chat feature was released in November of 2021 by the Roblox developers. However, there are some requirements you have to fulfill before using the VC feature, which we will discuss later in this article. For now, let’s see which are the best Roblox games with a voice chat (VC) option and how you can use it.

List of The Top Roblox Games With VC Option

Here are all the best Roblox games with voice chat (VC) option, go ahead and check it out.

Jailbreak – Best Roblox Voice Chat Game

Jailbreak is one of the most popular Roblox games and currently surpassed around 4M+ likes. The game is cop and robber themed, where players can rob places and cops can catch the robbers before they escape. To make it more exciting, now the game also has a voice chat feature, where you can easily communicate and make strategies. To help you give a head start, here are all the Jailbreak codes, redeem them for free rewards.



Do you have what it takes to uncover the mysteries and flee away from the piggy? If you do, then this game can be the one for you. In this game, you and your friends have to survive and escape Piggy. While on the other side, Piggy will aim to eliminate all the players and stop the players from escaping, isn’t that thrilling. To make it more fun, the developers have added the voice chat (VC) option, so you can plot a perfect escape or elimination plan.

Mad City – Best Roblox Voice Chat Game

madcity best voice chatThis Roblox game is similar to the Jailbreak game, but with one more option to bring justice. In Mad City, you can catch the criminals by joining the Super Heroes or the Police Force. However, if you want to be the one to bring the madness and the chaos to the city, then the choice is yours. This Roblox game also has a voice chat feature, so you don’t need to be worried about that. If you want to get free rewards in the game, then here are all the Mad City codes for you.



This is also one of the popular and best Roblox games, with a voice chat (VC) option. In BedWars your main aim will be to destroy the opponent’s beds and prevent them from respawning. That’s because once you break the base/ bed you will not be able to respawn, so go ahead and start battling. To make it more exciting, here are all the BedWars codes for you, redeem them and earn free rewards.



TTD 3 is considered to be Roblox’s top Social Hangout experience game, and now it also has a voice chat option. The game features over 1000+ Emotes inspired by your favorite games and ongoing trends. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and try it out, and don’t forget to redeem all the TTD3 codes for free in-game rewards.

These were all the top best Roblox games with a voice chat (VC) option. However, if you don’t know about what are the requirements and how to use the feature, then we’ve got you covered.

How to Use Voice Chat Feature in Roblox (Requirements)

Here’s how you can use the VC feature in Roblox.

  • First, the user will have to be above the age of 13.
  • After successfully verifying the age, the user will have to provide a photo ID to a Roblox portal.
  • And then, just simply enable voice chat by clicking under the title Beta features.
  • After that, if the VC indicator has turned Green, then you’re good to go.

Note: If the user violates any rules or the verification process, then the VC feature will get deactivated for them.

This is all you need to know about, how to use the VC feature in Roblox. If you want to earn more free rewards in the game, then we’ve got your back. Here are all the Roblox game codes guides for you, go ahead and redeem them all.


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