BGMI Mobile 1.4 global version beta: APK download link for global users (2021)

The developers of BGMI Mobile add various new features that enhance the overall experience for players time to time. Before these unique aspects are implemented into the title, most of them are tested in a beta server.

The BGMI Mobile 1.4 beta version was released earlier in April, and it has several new things, including exclusive content related to Godzilla vs Kong. In order to access and play this server, users must have an Invitation Code/Binding Code.

Players can download the latest version of the beta via the APK file, and provides a step-by-step guide on how they can do so.

PUBG Mobile 1.4 global version beta

Downloading BGMI Mobile 1.4 global version beta

BGMI Mobile 1.4 beta APK: Click here

How to install BGMI Mobile 1.4 global version beta

Users can follow the given steps if they wish to download and install this beta update:

Step 1: First, they must download the APK file of the BGMI Mobile 1.4 beta from the link above.

Players must note that the APK file size is around 606 MB. On the other hand, the size of the resource pack will vary based on the option that they choose. Users have to ensure that they have enough space available before they download the file.

Step 2: After the file is downloaded, they have to install it on their devices. However, they should enable the “Install from Unknown Source” option if they haven’t done so.

Step 3: Upon installation, players can open the 1.4 beta and choose between two resource packs.

Step 4: Users must tap on the “Guest” option after the in-game patches are done. A pop-up will appear on their screen, prompting them to enter the Invitation Code.

Step 5: They can enter the code and click on the “OK” button. They will be able to access and enjoy the BGMI Mobile 1.4 beta.

Note: If players encounter a parsing error, they can consider redownloading the file and following the steps mentioned above. 

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