Best Boss To Grind In Project Slayers

If you’ve seen the Anime series on which the Roblox games are based, you know how terrifying and powerful the bosses are. Similarly, the bosses in Project Slayers are dangerous and it takes a lot of effort to defeat the bosses in the game. But, if you are looking for a boss to grind in Project Slayers, there is indeed one boss that you can beat. Read along with this guide and you will know which boss to beat.

Which Boss to Defeat in Project Slayers?

Boss To Grind in Project Slayers
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The best boss you can beat to grind in Project Slayers without much effort is Bandit Kaden. You will encounter Kaden in the early stages of the game. You will find Kaden in Ushumaru village. In order to reach Kaden, you have to speak with Grandpa Shiron, NPC. Bandit Kaden is considered to be the easiest boss to beat in the game and can be defeated in lesser time as compared to the other bosses in Project Slayers.

Bandit Kaden has 900 Health Points and he doesn’t use any breathing techniques. And that is why you can defeat him quite easily. Although, Kaden has some moves up his sleeve and deals good damage to you. If you’ve achieved any breathing techniques before grinding in Project Slayers, beating Kaden would be a piece of cake.

What Rewards does Kaden hold?

Once you defeat any boss in Project Slayers, you get different rewards. Similarly, even Kaden will provide you with a reward upon being killed. You can get a Tier 1 chest after defeating him and along with that, you stand a chance to get other rewards too. Hence, Bandit Kaden is the boss worth grinding in Project Slayers.

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