How To Fix Brawl Stars Server Error 43

Brawl Stars is a MOBA game where the players are allocated to a team of 3 players and are put up against the opponent team. However, players have faced an issue called Server Error 43 while playing the game. If you’ve faced this error before, you can get rid of it by referring to this guide. In this article, we have covered a few manual solutions that might work, so check them out.

What is Server Error 43 in Brawl Stars?

Picture Credits: David F -Brawl Stars

Until now, the developers haven’t been able to put a finger on the exact cause of this error but have acknowledged it. Hopefully, in the near future, the team will come up with a solution to the Brawl Stars Server Error 43. But until that day, you can refer to the manual solutions mentioned in the guide below.

  • Check Internet Connectivity
  • Clear the Cache on your device
  • Check if the Servers of the game are up and running
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the game
  • Reboot your device

Check Internet Connectivity

Sometimes your internet connection may not be stable due to several reasons. If you’re connected to Wifi, try switching to Mobile data and try again. Maybe the error vanishes.

Clear the Cache

Maybe the Brawl Stars Server Error 43 is hovering on the screen because the device is not functioning optimally. Clear the cache on your device and clear some space so that the game could function smoothly.

Check Server Status

It is plausible that the servers of the game are currently down. Wait for some time and try again after the servers are up and running.

Uninstall & Reinstall the game

If you’re still struggling with the error,  you might want to delete the game and reinstall it after a while before trying again. Hopefully, this trick will solve the error.

Reboot your device

If nothing seems to be working, you can finally reboot your device and try launching the game again.

These are some of the manual solutions that you can try to resolve the Brawl Stars Server Error 43. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar guides such as How to unlock Brawlers in Brawl Stars and How to download Brawl Stars on Windows.


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