Genshin Impact iOS vs Android vs PC: Which Platform To Pick


Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game that is available to play on iOS, Android, and PC. Each platform has a different minimum requirement to play the game. Moreover, each platform also has its own set of pros and cons when it comes to issues like graphics, performance, loading time, etc. If players want to … Read more

How To Get A Golden Tree In Merge Mansion (2022)


Merge Mansion is a puzzle game that also has an intriguing storyline that hooks players. Players can get a variety of helpful items as they progress through the game. One item that can help players earn more XP and Coins in Merge Mansion is the golden tree. When fully leveled up, the golden tree can grant … Read more

Best Educational Games For Children To Play And Learn (2022)


Educational games can be a great way for kids to learn while also having fun. These games are a perfect platform for kids to pick up valuable skills all while they play. However, with so many educational games on the market, how can parents decide which games are the best for their kids? That is … Read more

How To Play Rocket League Sideswipe On PC (2022)


Rocket League Sideswipe is a car football game that has been created for Android and iOS. It is a multiplayer game that combines football and boosted race cars into a single action-packed title. While Rocket League Sideswipe is primarily developed for Android and iOS users, it is possible to download and play the game on … Read more

Best WWE Games For Android (June 2022)

Best WWE Games for Android

WWE has been one of the most favorite shows on tv. Through many years, people have witnessed the glory and the defeat of their favorite stars in the main events and the championship matches, well now, because of the some of the best WWE games, you can play your favorite superstar and go through the … Read more

Solar Smash: How To Unlock All Secret Planets

unlock secret planets in solar smash

Hovering aimlessly in space, discovering worlds beyond the horizon sounds fun. But what if you are told to destroy the other celestial worlds which are concealed in the fabric of space-time. In this article, you will learn how to unlock all the secret planets in Solar Smash. What are the Secret Planets in Solar Smash? … Read more

Genshin Impact: How To Check In To HoYoLab For Rewards

genshin impact hoyolab rewards

Getting daily in-game rewards gives your gameplay a certain boost. This feature is now available in Genshin Impact too. You have log in to the HoYoLab fan website and claim your free daily reward. How to do this, you ask? Go through this article to know how to check in to the HoYoLab website and … Read more

Best Team Combinations In Guardian Tales (2022)

best team combinations in guardian tales

While playing Guardian Tales, it totally depends upon the choice of team whether you’ll be victorious or not. It is imperative that you choose the right combination that suits the area of confronting the opponents in different genres of the game. Hopefully, this article on the best teams in Guardian Tales will help you out, … Read more

Best Hacking Games For Android Phones (May 2022)

Best Hacking Games For Android Phones

Hacking is a serious skill that not a lot of people have. A serious skill that could even get you in trouble if you aren’t careful. And so, if you want to try out some cool games to help you get a feel of the hacking world then you came to the right place. Now … Read more

How To Assign Jobs In The Walking Dead: Survivors


The Walking Dead: Survivors is a mobile strategy game where players need to survive in a world full of Walkers. However, hacking and slashing Walkers is only part of the game. Players must also build their own settlements to progress in the game. These settlements will thrive much quicker if players assign jobs to idle … Read more