Who Is Rhapsody In Apex Legends Mobile

Who Is Rhapsody In Apex Legends Mobile

The second season of Apex Legends Mobile is out and the players can’t keep it in. Season 2 is named Distortion and amidst this, the developers have released a new legend in the mobile version of the game. The new addition to the list of Legends is named Rhapsody and in this guide, you will … Read more

Apex Legends Mobile Emulator Detected Bypass Trick 2022


Apex Legends is a mobile strategy battle royale shooter game. It has been developed for Android and iOS users. While it is possible to play Apex Legends Mobile on a PC, the game will give the ‘Emulator Detected’ message to players and ban them from the game. This can be quite cumbersome for players that … Read more

Apex Legends Mobile: Does It Support Cross Progression?


Apex Legends Mobile has arrived for Android and iOS users and players are loving the mobile battle royale experience. However, as more and more players arrive to the game, questions about some of the game features begin to arise. One of the most enquired about question regarding the game is whether Apex Legends Mobile offers … Read more

Apex Legends Mobile Perk System Explained

Apex Legends Mobile Perk System Explained

Apex Legends Mobile has finally dropped globally. And players can’t wait to get their hands on exclusive content available. This includes a look at the changes in the upcoming updates of the game. One of these exciting changes is the introduction of the perk system in Apex Legends. This means that you will now get … Read more

How To Unlock All Legends In Apex Legends Mobile

If you have already started playing the game, and wondering about how you can unlock all Legends in Apex Legends Mobile, we have all the answers for you. The Mobile version of Apex Legends is a bit different than the PC/Console variant. As we all know, unlocking the Legends in Apex Legends PC/Console for new … Read more

Unlock Solo Play in Apex Legends Mobile

Multiplayer has always been big on the Apex Legends scene. With the gameplay revolving around groups of three. Then in 2020, the permanent Duos mode was introduced that allowed players to partner up and play the Battle Royale mode. This definitely was a huge difference from the regular squad of three games. There wasn’t a … Read more