Best BGMI Gun Combos For Rank Push In Erangle (July 2022)

Best BGMI Gun Combos For Rank Push Erangle

If you’re looking for the best BGMI gun combos for a rank push in Erangle Map, then you’ve come to the right place. Players take rank push very seriously and start pushing their tier as soon as the season resets. Everybody wants to reach the Conqueror tier and some of them have already achieved that. … Read more

How To Use Emergency Pickup In BGMI (2022)


Battlegrounds Mobile India is a battle royale game that was introduced after PUBG got banned from the country. Since then, the game has gathered a lot of popularity with new players coming in daily. The game consistently receives updates and new features to keep things interesting in the game. However, the 2.0 update brought a … Read more

What Is Server Error DB Error In BGMI & How To Fix It?

Server error in bgmi

Earlier this week, the players of BGMI throughout the country weren’t able to log in to the game or see the friend list in the game. Apart from that, they couldn’t add any new friends either. If you faced the same problem too, we will get to the depth of the Server Error DB Error … Read more

BGMI: How To Race In Cheer Park

Race in BGMI

BGMI had launched the 1.9 Update earlier this year in March. In the new update, the developers have introduced a Racing Track to impress the players throughout the country. And there is no doubt that they have succeeded in their attempt to do so. The Race feature in Cheer Park has left the BGMI players … Read more