BitLife: How To Start A Riot And Escape Prison


Bitlife is a text life simulator game where players can become anything from a police officer to a criminal. If a life of crime is what players choose, there is a high chance that they will end up in prison sooner or later. For lighter sentences, it is best to wait out the duration. However, … Read more

Bitlife: How To Win The Lottery (May 2022)

How to win lottery in bitlife

In Bitlife anything is possible, that’s what makes the game more interesting. Unlike real life, here you can win the lottery and become successful easily. But the game of luck remains the same in Bitlife too. Just buy the lottery ticket and let the luck do the work. For winning a lottery ticket in Bitlife, … Read more

How To Assault Best Friend In BitLife


BitLife is a text simulator game that can take some pretty twisted turns. Often players will get challenges in the game that require characters to do certain things. For example, recently BitLife introduced the Euphoria challenge where players has to assault their best friend to complete the challenge. Like we said, twisted. In case, players … Read more

How To Read The Communist Manifesto In BitLife


BitLife is a text life simulator game where players can enjoy living a virtual life. The game often has different stats that often define the characters quality of life. These stats include Happiness, Looks, Smarts, and Health. The Smarts stat can be crucial in many jobs. We have already discussed how players can increase smarts … Read more

How To Get Smarts Up In BitLife


BitLife is a text life simulator game where players can build the life of their dreams.  Whether it is to be a rockstar, an actor, or an exorcist, players can truly pursue any type of life they want. However, different path in life require different stats. Every player in BitLife has 4 stats that include … Read more

How To Exorcise A Ghost In BitLife


Ghosts have been a part of Bitlife ever since 2019. Players can encounter these supernatural beings in the haunted houses that they purchase. The number of ghosts in a house depends on its level of Hauntedness. Moreover, ghosts can be friendly or hostile and a player’s reaction to them will generally depend on this. It … Read more

How to Be Born in New Jersey on BitLife

How to Be Born in New Jersey in BitLife

BitLife is a game where players are able to do just about anything. From your looks to your skills, you can make it what you want. The randomness of the game is what keeps some people hooked. However, the game also has a great customisation mode for those that prefer a little more specificity. If … Read more

How To Buy A House On BitLife

How To Buy A House On BitLife

Buying a house is a complicated matter for most. Whether it’s getting that mortgage, seeing if you have enough cash to buy it wholesale or even maintaining it; things can get rough. Luckily, all that you need to do is play BitLife to make things easier. Buy a Craftsman Home, Rowhouse or Mansion if you … Read more

How To Become A Nun In Bitlife


BitLife offers many interesting career paths to players. From Doctors to Crime Lords to Nun, players can choose any kind of life they want for their character. If players are looking for a life of devotion and want to become a nun in BitLife, they can follow this guide for the same. How To Choose … Read more

How To Get A Double Platinum Album In BitLife

How To Get A Double Platinum Album In BitLife

If you want to become a famous singer with a double-platinum album in BitLife then you’d better buckle up. With a lot of dedication and enough practice, you too might get there. Just might. Your character can get a platinum album with enough sales by using the right method. Joining a band is no longer … Read more