Diablo Immortal Bounties Guide


Diablo Immortal is the first mobile-friendly game in the Diablo game series. Besides following the main story, there are a number of things players can do in the game. Once players have advanced a bit in the game, they can also choose to complete Bounties in Diablo Immortal. However, players will need to unlock the … Read more

Diablo Immortal Redeem Code (June 2022)


Diablo Immortal is the first mobile friendly game in the Diablo series. It is an action RPG with an open world that players have already started exploring. However, battling the undead and coming out on top is not always easy. Players would need a lot of resources to level up their characters in the game. … Read more

How To Upgrade Skills And Increase Skill Rank In Diablo Immortal


Diablo Immortal is the first mobile-friendly game in the Diablo game series. In the game, players go up against the undead to preserve the town of Wortham. Players can upgrade their Skills by increasing their Skill rank to perform better in Diablo Immortal. The game has two  Skill types: Primary Attacks and Secondary Skills. While … Read more

How To Save Game In Diablo Immortal

how to save game in diablo immortal

Diablo Immortal is finally out and free to download for Android and iOS users. The fans are just going crazy about it and have already started exploring the game. As they keep on progressing and finishing the objective, they earn many types of loots and rewards. Imagine how it would feel to lose all your … Read more

Best PvP Class Build In Diablo Immortal


Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play MMORPG designed for mobile devices. The game has six classes and players can choose whichever they like best to proceed with the game. Each class has its own strengths and weakness. Today, we will look at the best PvP build for each class in Diablo Immortal. The Best PvP Class … Read more

Best PvE Class In Diablo Immortal


Diablo Immortal has arrived after a long wait for mobile and PC players. If you are looking forward to some PvE, we have got you covered with the best class in Diablo Immortal. While there are six classes in the game, not all of them are suited for PvE equally. Some classes definitely perform better … Read more

Diablo Immortal | How To Upgrade Gear Ranks


Diablo Immortal is the first mobile friendly game of the Diablo gaming franchise. The game has many similar mechanics to the other Diablo games. Players will need to level up their character and upgrade weapons to get ahead in the game. In today’s guide, we will explain how players can upgrade their Gear Ranks in … Read more

Diablo Immortal Essence Transfer Guide


Diablo Immortal has been released after a long wait and is the first mobile-friendly title in the franchise. Since the game’s release, players have been familiarizing themselves with the game mechanics. Essence Transfer is one such feature in Diablo Immortal through which players can use their legendary gear and transfer its powers. How To Activate … Read more

Diablo Immortal No Sound On iOS Fix


Diablo Immortal has arrived on PC, Android, and iOS devices. Players are having a ball discovering the new game and going up against the Undead. However, the fun of playing Diablo Immortal has been ruined for iOS users as they are experiencing a no sound issue. While this bug will be addressed in upcoming patches, … Read more

How To Get And Use Charms Diablo Immortal


Diablo Immortal is the latest Blizzard Entertainment game in the Diablo franchise. As players battle the undead in the game, it is pretty easy to get overwhelmed. However, the game has a lot of items that can help players progress easily through the game. Charms are an equipable item in Diablo Immortal that can increase … Read more