Who Is The Most Dangerous Player In BGMI (July 2022)

Most Dangerous Players BGMI

BGMI rose to popularity upon its release after the original version of the game was banned in India. It is currently one of the biggest battleground games in the country and new players are attracted to the game by the day. Each player brings a unique skill set to the game but only the best … Read more

Garena Free Fire Help Center: How To Submit Unban Request (2022)


Garena Free Fire is a vastly popular battle royale game. To ensure a safe and fair gaming environment for all its players, Free Fire can often ban players that do not adhere to its guidelines. However, sometimes players can get banned unfairly. If a player has been banned without cause, they can submit an unban … Read more

Free Fire: What Is The Highest Kill Record (July 2022)


Garena Free Fire is an intensely competitive game where players battle it out to be the last one standing. While winning games is the ultimate testament to a player’s skill, there are other parameters that decide a player’s performance as well. These include stats like their K/D ratio, assists, headshots, etc. Due to this, it … Read more

Best Phone For PUBG Mobile 2022


PUBG Mobile is an insanely popular battle royale game that has a massive player base globally. While the game is not very demanding in its phone requirements, devices need to meet the minimum requirements for a lag-free PUBG Mobile experience. Today, we have compiled a list of phones that players can use to enjoy a … Read more

How To Buy Free Fire Diamonds With Bitcoin


Free Fire is a battle royale game where players need to survive and be the last squad or players to win. There are a number of skins and custom items that players can get to enhance their gameplay experience. However, all such items cost Diamonds. A lot of players would be curious to know if … Read more

PUBG Mobile: How to Get Evangelion Crossover Items


PUBG Mobile is constantly introducing new skins and items to keep things interesting for its players. Currently, PUBG Mobile is undergoing a crossover event with the popular anime show Neon Genesis Evangelion. For the duration of this event, players will be able to collect exclusive Evangelion crossover items in the game. To make it easier … Read more

Raistar vs White444: Who Has Better Stats In Free Fire?


Free Fire is an intensely competitive battle royale game. There are numerous content creators across the world that compete and create Free Fire content. Raistar and White444 are two Free Fire content creators that are known globally for their magnificent gameplay. However, the two are often pitted against each other to see who is the … Read more