The 10 Largest Global Prize Pools In Esports (2022)


Esports tournaments have come a long way with prize pools for the events getting more and more impressive. In fact, the prize pools have played a major role in creating Esports as a legitimate profession for many players. If you are wondering what the largest global prize pools in Esports are, this article has the … Read more

Best Fortnite Streamer And Their PFPs: Twitch (2022)

best fortnite streamer pfps

As we all know Fortnite has always been a huge part of the battleground game genre. The game is developed by Epic games and is also available on Android and iOS devices. However at first, it wasn’t a hit, but later on, when players got a hang of it, they started loving the game. The … Read more

Free Fortnite Accounts Email And Password: Are They Safe To Use


Fortnite is a massively popular game with a huge player base. However, for every active account in the game, there are a lot of accounts that are no longer in use. These accounts often have cosmetics, skins, or in-game items. Moreover, they have a certain amount of progress. Therefore, it is understandable that players are … Read more

How Many Skins Are In Fortnite? (2022)

fortnite skins

Donning various Skins while battling in Fortnite has always been a huge flex. Exploring various character Skins while you play and emerge victorious. Over the time, the developers of the game have come up with several collaborations with other franchises. Releasing Skins of various characters from a multiverse of characters in the industry. Some of … Read more

All You Need to Know about The Fortnite Dreamhack 2022

Who doesn’t love e-tournaments? Especially with a game as fun and intriguing as Fortnite. The Arena mode in the game has been getting more traction as of late with tons of players on it all the time. This mode has gotten so popular that it has expanded into featured cups and casual areas. So much … Read more