Free Fire: How To Bind Account With Facebook, Google (2022)

how to bind account free fire

Players of Free Fire can either log in as a guest or use one of their linked accounts to save their data. If you are a regular player (who also spends money in-game) then you might want to know how to bind your Free Fire account with Facebook, Google, or other options that the game … Read more

Free Top Up In Free Fire Without Money (July 2022)


Free Fire is a fun battle royale game where players fight it out to be the last one standing. The game has a number of skins, weapons, and other items than can be purchased with diamonds. Free Fire diamonds require a top-up with money. However,  there are certain ways to get free top up in … Read more

How To Buy Free Fire Diamonds With Bitcoin


Free Fire is a battle royale game where players need to survive and be the last squad or players to win. There are a number of skins and custom items that players can get to enhance their gameplay experience. However, all such items cost Diamonds. A lot of players would be curious to know if … Read more

Raistar vs White444: Who Has Better Stats In Free Fire?


Free Fire is an intensely competitive battle royale game. There are numerous content creators across the world that compete and create Free Fire content. Raistar and White444 are two Free Fire content creators that are known globally for their magnificent gameplay. However, the two are often pitted against each other to see who is the … Read more