F-Zone Gaming’s Free Fire MAX ID, Stats & More

F-Zone Gaming's Free Fire MAX ID Stats

F-Zone Gaming’s one of the popular Indian gaming YouTube channels that create content related to Garena Free Fire. The channel currently has over 1.19 million subscribers and more than 217 million views. For those curious to know more about the content creator, we will discuss F-Zone Gaming’s Free Fire MAX ID, stats & more in … Read more

What Is A Free Fire Advance Server


Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game that has gained a massive player base since its release. The game often releases new content and updates to engage its players and fix any issues. The new updates often introduce new modes, outfits, weapon skins, or characters to the game. However, the new content is not … Read more

B2K (Born2Kill)’s Free Fire ID, K/D Ratio, And Stats


Born2Kill is a popular Free Fire content creator who is popular for his montage videos and play-throughs. He currently has over 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has over 300 videos on his channel with over 375 million views combined. Born2Kill also has two alternative channels called B2K and B2K Highlights. Let us … Read more

Free Fire Partner Program Requirements: How To Join?


Free Fire Partner Program is an initiative by Garena to promote the game as well as content related to it on platforms like YouTube. The program offers a number of perks to the participants including, but not limited to, the V Badge. While it might sound incredible, there are a lot of criteria that content … Read more

Garena Free Fire Help Center: How To Submit Unban Request (2022)


Garena Free Fire is a vastly popular battle royale game. To ensure a safe and fair gaming environment for all its players, Free Fire can often ban players that do not adhere to its guidelines. However, sometimes players can get banned unfairly. If a player has been banned without cause, they can submit an unban … Read more

Free Fire: What Is The Highest Kill Record (July 2022)


Garena Free Fire is an intensely competitive game where players battle it out to be the last one standing. While winning games is the ultimate testament to a player’s skill, there are other parameters that decide a player’s performance as well. These include stats like their K/D ratio, assists, headshots, etc. Due to this, it … Read more

Raistar vs White444: Who Has Better Stats In Free Fire?


Free Fire is an intensely competitive battle royale game. There are numerous content creators across the world that compete and create Free Fire content. Raistar and White444 are two Free Fire content creators that are known globally for their magnificent gameplay. However, the two are often pitted against each other to see who is the … Read more

Garena Free Fire (FF) Rampage Event 4.0 Rewards [2022]

free fire rampage event

After all the love Free Fire (FF) fans have given, to return the favor Garena has released the new OB24 Free Fire update for May month. Even after the game’s ban scenarios, they have done it again. This update is known as Rampage 4.0. The highlight and the most awaited thing of this new update … Read more

How To Write Free Fire Channel Description For YouTube


Creating gaming videos is much more than just shooting, editing and uploading a video. Free Fire players that wish to start uploading their videos on YouTube need to think about a lot of things like their channel name, channel channel description. logo etc. Today, we can help creators with one of these issues. In today’s … Read more

Free Fire: Shooters Ville Event 2022

The Free Fire Shooters Ville event is a part of the Free Fire World Series 2022. With the tournament coming up soon, this event is just a teaser for what is yet to come. The event is here to keep players invested and is available till the 24th of May. Go on and collect exclusive … Read more