New World Vigour Voyage Codes – Redeem Now (February 2023)

New World Vigour Voyage Codes

New world: Vigour Voyage is an RPG with hundreds of heroes, six camps, and fleets. There are several ways to level up fast here. One of which is the use of freebies. So go through this list of codes to redeem Recruit Cards, materials, Gold fruit, and more in New World Vigour Voyage. All Active … Read more

Twitch: How To Raid?


Twitch Raids are a great way to make connections and provide channels with some new viewers. With the help of this feature, broadcasters can share their audiences with other channels while also growing their own community. In short, a Raid sends all your viewers at the time of the Raid to the channel you target. … Read more

Best Way To Get EXP Star Jellies In CRK


Cookie Run Kingdom has many useful resources and materials that you can use to progress faster in the game. The EXP Star Jellies are used to strengthen your Cookies and increase their power in CRK. This is why it is important to farm for EXP Star Jellies. In this guide, we will reveal the best … Read more

Arknights: How To Use Drill Plan?


Drill Plan is an important element in Arknights. It can help you simulate battles for your Operators. With the help of a Drill Plan, you can plan your battle strategies and prepare an action plan. If you want to know how you can use a Drill Plan, this guide will be useful to you. How … Read more

Blaze of Battle: How To Get Skill Points?


Blaze of Battle is a game that allows players to raise their armies and build their own cities. Your Skill Points play an important role in your progression through the game. They are directly linked to your Lord Level which is a different element than your city level but equally important. In this guide, we … Read more

Candy Crush Saga: What Are Sugar Stars?


Candy Crush Saga has many elements that occasionally stump players. The Sugar Stars are used to mark the mastery of levels similar to Gold Crowns. It can be extremely difficult to attain these stars. If you are wondering what Sugar Stars are and how to attain them in Candy Crush Saga, this guide has all … Read more

How To Get Coins In CRK?


Coins are one of the main currencies in CRK. You can use Coins to upgrade buildings, produce raw Materials, buy Decorations, upgrade Toppings and Skills, and promote Cookies. This is why it is important to farm Coins regularly in Cookie Run: Kingdom. This guide will elaborate on the best methods to get Coins quickly in … Read more

How To Do The Tropical Soda Islands In CRK?


Cookie Run: Kingdom is an action role-playing gacha game with multiple game modes for you to enjoy. The Tropical Soda Islands are one of the more challenging and rewarding game modes in CRK. They are one of the major sources to farm EXP Jelly in the game. This guide will explain how you can do … Read more

Arknights: How To Get Originium?


Arknights is a free-to-play tactical RPG and tower defense mobile game. There are many resources in the game that can help accelerate your progress. One of the rarest resources in Arknights is Originium. This resource can be used to purchase Operator Outfits, Packs, Sanity, or Pulls. In addition, you can also exchange it for Orundum … Read more

Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List: All Best Fruits (2023)


Fruit Battlegrounds is a Roblox game that is inspired by One Piece. You get to spin for different Fruits in the game that give you special abilities. These Fruits can be used to fight against other players. If you wish to know the best Fruits available in the game, this Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List … Read more