How To Throw Curveball In Pokemon GO


Pokemon Go is a game where players can catch Pokemon in their surrounding areas. It can be quite tricky to catch a Pokemon if you don’t know how to throw correctly. This is especially an issue when the Pokemon you are trying to catch is more powerful that your level. However, throws like the Curveball … Read more

Pokemon Go: What Is XL Candy


Pokemon Go XL Candy is an item that players unlock when they reach level 40. These Candies can be used to increase a Pokemon’s level cap. However, they can be a bit tricky to acquire in the game. Let us find out more about the XL Candy below. What Is XL Candy In Pokemon Go? … Read more

Pokemon Go: What Is IV


IV is a parameter for measuring how strong your Pokemon is in the game. It stands for Individual Values which are hidden stats apart from the Pokemon’s CP rating. It comprises Attack, Defense, and Stamina stats. Each Pokemon has different stats with some excelling in defense while others good Attack stats. Learn more about IV … Read more

How To Power Up Pokemon In Pokemon GO


Pokemon Go is a game centered around catching, evolving, and battling Pokemon. To make your Pokemon better, you can also choose to power them up. Once you Power up, the Pokemon will have increased CP and HP making them stronger than before. Read through our guide below to understand the process of powering up in … Read more

What Are The Gold PokeStops In Pokemon Go


Gold PokeStops are a fairly recent addition in Pokemon Go. They  were first introduced after the Dratini Community Day Classic. Ever since their appearance, players have been trying to figure out the Gold PokeStops in Pokemon Go that reward them with mysterious coins and items. These PokeStops could also eventually reveal more about the mysterious … Read more

Pokemon Go: What Is A Mega Raid


Raid Battles take place in a Gym where you have to defeat a powerful Boss Pokemon to win. You can invite fellow Trainers to aid you on these battles. If successful, you will be rewarded with special items as well as a chance to capture the Pokemon you defeat. These Pokemon Go Raid Battles have … Read more

Pokemon Go: What Is A Lucky Pokemon

Pokemon Go: What Is A Lucky Pokemon

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality video game that allows players to encounter a wide variety of Pokemon. While most Pokemon can be caught in the wild, there are others that are more elusive. The Lucky Pokemon are special Pokemon with a golden sparkly shine on their information page in Pokemon Go. Let us find … Read more

How To Win Trainer Battles In Pokemon GO


Trainer Battles allow Trainers to battle against each other in Pokemon GO. These battles are a bit different compared to Gym or Raid Battles as players have no idea about the team they will face. That being said, there are a number of tips and tricks that can help improve your odds. Since winning Trainer … Read more

How To Buy A Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn Ticket


Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn is bringing your favorite Pokemon from the Hoenn region to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The event is scheduled to take place in early 2023 with an in-person event in Las Vegas as well as a global event. You will need to purchase a ticket to attend the Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn. … Read more

How To Make A Pokemon Your Buddy In Pokemon GO


Players can use the Buddy Pokemon mechanics to develop a better friendship with their Pokemon. There are four Friendship levels in the Buddy system starting with Good Buddy and going up to Best Buddy. Actions like walking, feeding, and playing all contribute to improving your friendship with the Pokemon. However, the first step in this … Read more