How to Keep the Menu Bar on Mac in Full Screen Mode

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How to Remove Bloatware From Your Android Phone (Guide)

Even after a huge uproar from the Android community citing privacy, security, and user choice, the bloatware situation on Android has not improved. Yes, MIUI now comes with less bloatware, but, looking at the overall situation, Android smartphones still come with a myriad of unnecessary apps, especially the low-end devices. So to help you remove … Read more

Learn every step of how to upload documents in DigiLocker

DigiLocker is a cloud storage service for documents that are issued by the Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY) under Digital India Corporation (DIC). It uses your Aadhar card for identification process and you can use it anytime by storing your documents in digital form. Provided that you have an internet connection available at that … Read more

How to Solve No Accounts Mapped for This Username SBI Error

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How to Test Internet Speed in Mobile, Laptop or PC

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