How to Blur a Photo on iPhone

how to blur a photo on iPhone

While DSLR cameras are still the top choice for professional photographers, your iPhone and most Android devices are more than capable of capturing good-looking shots with a bokeh effect like a pro. Times when you want to put the entire spotlight on the subject while keeping attention away from the background, the blur effect in … Read more

iPhone Virus Warning: How to Remove Fake Apple Security Alerts

How to Remove Fake Apple Security Alerts from iPhone and iPad

Have you ever been browsing the internet on your iPhone and suddenly received a pop-up message saying something like ‘iPhone virus warning’? Such messages are usually put out by malicious actors and hackers. These messages might lead to an unwitting victim sharing their personal information with the hackers, or even installing certificates on their iPhone. … Read more

How to Run a Simple Web Server on iPhone

how to run simple web server on iphone featured

Have you ever wanted to create your own portable server? Whether you’re learning web development and want to host your own HTML files on your iPhone, or whether you just want to play around with a server without being restricted to using a laptop or a computer to install MAMP, your iPhone can do it … Read more

How to watch Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for free in the UK & US

Image credit - Paramount

Despite being a sequel (and being released whilst the pandemic is still ongoing, no less), Sonic the Hedgehog 2 managed to storm ahead of the first movie to become the highest-grossing videogame adaptation film of all time. The introduction of fan favourites Miles ‘Tails’ Prower (played by Colleen O’Shaughnessey) and Knuckles the Echidna (played by … Read more

WhatsApp Backup Stuck on iPhone: 10 Ways to Fix!

whatsapp backup stuck on iphone featured

Backing up your messages and chats on WhatsApp is pretty easy. All you have to do is choose the frequency of backups you want (daily/weekly) and that’s it. WhatsApp automatically backs up your chats to iCloud from your iPhone, so they are always available in case you need to reset your iPhone, or if you … Read more

How to get the Crying Filter on TikTok or Instagram

how to get crying filter on tiktok or instagram

The latest craze on TikTok is to use a filter that makes it look like you’re crying. It’s a hilarious prank to play while taking a video of someone else and asking them why they’re so upset. The reason you’re reading this is because you can’t work out how to get this effect in TikTok … Read more

How to watch Crisis on Infinite Earths in order

how to watch crisis on infinite earths crossover

As big TV events go, Crisis on Infinite Earths was one of the most popular crossovers in superhero history. Not only did it combine the might of five DC shows across The CW, but it also dealt with one of the most dramatic storylines from the original comics that held nothing back when it came … Read more

How to Find Your MAC Address in Windows 11 (5 Methods)

How to Find Your MAC Address in Windows 11: 5 Different Methods

If you are trying to set up a Raspberry Pi on your PC, you may need to find the IP address of your Windows 11 PC along with other details such as the MAC address. Also, if you want to block or allow a PC within your network, you need to find the MAC address … Read more

Siri Shortcuts Not Working: 8 Ways to Fix!

siri shortcuts not working featured

When it comes to automation, most iPhone users swear by Siri Shortcuts. They are extremely useful and can quickly do complicated tasks with just a couple of taps. You can even use them to lock apps on iPhone, or eject water from your iPhone. What’s more, with integration on Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV, … Read more

How to get the Google Play Store on Windows 11

windows 11 google play store

With Windows 11, Microsoft introduced the ability to natively run Android apps for the first time. It’s arguably the most exciting feature in the new OS, allowing users to fully integrate phone apps into the Windows desktop. However, there are some big caveats to be aware of. The feature requires an SSD and at least … Read more