WhatsApp Backup Stuck on iPhone: 10 Ways to Fix!

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Backing up your messages and chats on WhatsApp is pretty easy. All you have to do is choose the frequency of backups you want (daily/weekly) and that’s it. WhatsApp automatically backs up your chats to iCloud from your iPhone, so they are always available in case you need to reset your iPhone, or if you … Read more

Siri Shortcuts Not Working: 8 Ways to Fix!

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When it comes to automation, most iPhone users swear by Siri Shortcuts. They are extremely useful and can quickly do complicated tasks with just a couple of taps. You can even use them to lock apps on iPhone, or eject water from your iPhone. What’s more, with integration on Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV, … Read more

iCloud Files Not Downloading on iPhone and iPad? 10 Tips to Fix This Issue!

iCloud is well-known for seamless syncing and lets you manage files across iDevices with utmost ease. However, that doesn’t mean Apple’s cloud storage service is infallible and that it never runs into any issues. Probably the most frustrating problem related to iCloud is the one that prevents users from downloading files. Having faced this annoyance … Read more

How to Use Shazam on iPhone Without Downloading the App

Shazam has long been the most loved music recognition and discovery app among users. If you ever come across a cool song playing in your surrounding and can’t recognize it, you can use the app to instantly find out the song title and artist. But do you know that you can use Shazam on your … Read more

How to Enable Low Power Mode Automatically on iPhone

When your iPhone runs low on power, iOS shows a pop-up asking you to activate the “Low Power Mode” to immediately turn off all the background activities to extend the battery life. When activated, the power-saving mode remains enabled until your iPhone has sufficient battery charge. Besides, you can also manually turn on the low … Read more

How to Add Funds to Apple ID Wallet

Whether you’re using an iPhone, Mac, iPad, or anything else, your Apple ID is the way to get new apps. And if you’re trying to buy an app, or pay for a subscription, you need a payment method on your Apple ID. However, with the new RBI rules around debit and credit cards, Apple has … Read more