How to Install RAM on Motherboard in Your PC


RAM, or Random Access Memory, is a crucial component that you need to install in your PC build. For those unaware, RAM is utilized for storing data on a temporary basis and helps your computer run smoothly. The RAM loses all data stored within it when you shut down the PC. With the basics out … Read more

How to Install Graphics Card (GPU) in Your PC

how to install graphics card (GPU) on motherboard in PC build

If the processor (CPU) is the brains, you could say the graphics card (GPU) is the heart of your PC build. GPUs are specifically designed to excel at demanding graphical tasks such as high-end gaming or 3D rendering. Without a dedicated GPU, your PC automatically resorts to using the GPU integrated into the CPU, and … Read more

How to Install Intel or AMD CPU on Your Motherboard

how to install CPU on motherboard

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the brain of your computer and is a major component in the PC building process. It is responsible for handing instructions from programs and the OS, executing tasks, and telling hardware components what to do. Now, you’re likely ready to build your PC and have bought the CPU, motherboard, … Read more

How to Apply Thermal Paste on CPU


Thermal paste, also known as thermal compound or thermal interface material (TIM), is a crucial component in the PC building process. Without it, your processor may overheat rapidly. To ensure optimal performance, it’s important to apply thermal paste on the CPU before mounting the CPU cooler. Now, there are many things to think about when … Read more

How to Install a Power Supply (PSU) in Your PC

how to install power supply unit (PSU) in PC

The power supply unit (PSU) is an essential component in a computer system, as it supplies power to all your PC hardware, including the motherboard, processor, and graphics card. Installing a PSU can be intimidating due to the numerous cables it comes with, but this guide will walk you through the process step by step. … Read more

How to Install the Motherboard in Your PC Case


The motherboard is a major component in the PC building process. Most of your system components, including the CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage, among other things, are all installed on the motherboard. It is truly the backbone of your computer and is one of the first parts we install while building a PC from scratch. … Read more