Genshin Impact iOS vs Android vs PC: Which Platform To Pick


Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game that is available to play on iOS, Android, and PC. Each platform has a different minimum requirement to play the game. Moreover, each platform also has its own set of pros and cons when it comes to issues like graphics, performance, loading time, etc. If players want to … Read more

Best Cartoon Boxing Games Of All Time (2022)

Best Cartoon Boxing Games

Boxing is a combat art where players contest each other with a fighting spirit. Every spectacle enjoys it and at some point has felt that the boxer should have used a different method or style. If you are one of them and want to try your hands at boxing but don’t like the roughness of … Read more

How To Download Tekken 3 On PC

How To Download Tekken 3 PC

Here’s how to download Tekken 3 on Pc and Laptop easily. If you’re not familiar with the game or recently came across it, then here’s a quick summary for you. It is a fighting game and also the 3 part of the Tekken series. It is a legendary arcade game, originally released in 1997. Later … Read more

Best Websites To Download Free PC Games (2022)

Best Websites To Download Free PC Games

Here are all the best websites to download free games on your PC. If you’re a PC player and need new games to play but don’t want to purchase them. Then we have mentioned all the best websites that offer free games to download. These websites also have paid game options, but who knows you … Read more

How To Play Ketchcrash In Destiny 2

How To Play Ketchcrash In Destiny 2 Full Guide

Here’s a guide on how to play Ketchcrash in Destiny 2 easily. The wait is over Season 18 update is already here, it is also known as the Season of Plunder. In this update, you’ll get to see various new activities, weapons, and many more quests for you to complete. The highlight of this Seasonal … Read more

Best PC Games Like Project I.G.I (July 2022)

Best games like Project IGI

Project IGI is a tactical and stealth based first person game which you can play on PC. You have to covertly infiltrate the enemy base and acquire certain items that help you in accomplishing your main task in the game. If you’re into such strategic games and are searching for more games similar to this … Read more

How To Breed A Ghazt In My Singing Monsters?

How To Breed A Ghazt In My Singing Monsters?

To your knowledge, Ghazt is an Ethereal monster of single-element kind and has plasma as its power. Ghazt is a feline-like being with 5 hovering orbs floating around it. These orbs are basically its instruments that it uses while singing. It taps gently on the orbs and they start making melodious sounds to accompany its … Read more

How To Move Faster In Fall Guys

How To Move Faster In Fall Guys

Fall Guys is basically a huge mini-game hub where players compete with each other in a race full of various obstacles. And when you’re in a race, you need to be the fastest one in the bunch to emerge victorious. Now, in the game, the speed of the character is determined by the game. You … Read more

The Planet Crafter Ore Extractor Guide

Ore Extractor in the Planet Crafter

In the game The Planet Crafter, you are assigned on a mission where you have to conduct terraforming in order to make the potential planet habitable for humans. While conducting this operation, you will have to extract some of the minerals from inside the planet. To do so, you will need to build the extractors … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Scorpions In Treasure Of Nadia

get rid of scorpions treasure of nadia

There are areas in the jungle where mortal danger awaits you. There are a lot of poisonous insects out there which can be harmful and scorpions are one of them. You should be aware of such insects and protect yourself in the game. In this guide, you will learn how to craft Stompin’ Boots in … Read more