Pokemon Go: What To Use Rare Candy On


Rare Candy is a special Pokemon Go Candy that can be used to replace any regular Pokemon Candy. This is especially helpful when trying to power up or evolve rare Pokemon whose Candy can be quite difficult to get in the game. If you are wondering what the best use of your Rare Candy is … Read more

Pokemon Go: Current Raid Bosses (December 2022)


Pokemon Go Raids are a great way for players to encounter and catch some Legendary and Mega Pokemon. However, it can be quite difficult to strategize for Pokemon Go Raid Bosses if you have no idea which Pokemon you will have to face. Each month there is a different roster of Raid Bosses that appear … Read more

Pokemon Go: What Are Mega Abomasnow’s Counters And Weaknesses?


Mega Abomasnow is a powerful Grass and Ice-type Pokemon that can be quite difficult to beat. However, there are some holes in this Pokemon’s armor that you can use to defeat it in battle. In this article, we will discuss the counters and weaknesses of Mega Abomasnow that can be used to win against it … Read more

Pokemon Go: Best Moveset For Zoroark


Before you go battling in Pokemon Go, it is good to know the best moves for your Pokemon. Zoroark is a Dark-type Pokemon that has a high attack power but does not have a great defense. It can be used as a major damage dealer on your team as long as it is combined with … Read more

Best Moveset For Guzzlord In Pokemon Go


Each Pokemon has a specific moveset in Pokemon Go. However, some moves are better and more effective than others. Guzzlord is a Dark and Dragon-type Pokemon. It is weak against Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Fighting, and Ice-type moves but strong against Dark, Electric, Fire, Ghost, Grass, Psychic, and Water-type moves. In this article, we will reveal the … Read more

Pokemon Go: What Is CP

Pokemon Go: What Is CP

There are a number of elements that decide the strength of your Pokemon in Pokemon Go. One of the most straightforward measures of a Pokemon’s strength is CP or Combat Power. Many factors can influence the CP stats of a Pokemon. Let us find out more about Combat Power or CP below. What Is CP … Read more

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Schedule (December 2022)


Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go is when the featured Pokemon spawn more frequently. There are different featured Pokemon available during this event and you can check the schedule to plan your time accordingly. Each Pokemon will offer boosted spawn rates and a special double bonus. Let us learn more about the event below. Pokemon Go … Read more

Pokemon Go: What To Do With Duplicates


There are over 800 Pokemon that you can catch in Pokemon Go. However, often in the quest to catch them all, you are bound to end up with a lot of duplicate Pokemon that you may have no use for. Since catching Pokemon that you have caught before still gives XP and Stardust, you should … Read more

How To Spin PokeStops In Pokemon GO


PokeStops are a great destination to pick up items like potions, PokeBalls, Revives, and Pokemon Eggs. It is also a prime place to encounter some wild Pokemon as they are drawn to these spots. Players can also acquire Field Research tasks from these places. All in all, PokeStops are a major element in the game. … Read more

How To Throw Curveball In Pokemon GO


Pokemon Go is a game where players can catch Pokemon in their surrounding areas. It can be quite tricky to catch a Pokemon if you don’t know how to throw correctly. This is especially an issue when the Pokemon you are trying to catch is more powerful that your level. However, throws like the Curveball … Read more