Pokemon Unite: Rotom Vs. Drednaw Guide


Rotom and Drednaw are two special boss Wild Pokemon that can spawn during a match in Pokemon Unite. Each Pokemon has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Both these Pokemon appear around the 7-minute mark in the match. In this article, we will compare Rotom and Drednaw to choose which Pokemon to prioritize. While … Read more

Pokemon Unite: How To Recover HP


Pokemon can get injured and lose HP during battles. It is important for you to know how to recover HP in Pokemon Unite. There are many ways for Pokemon to recover HP during a battle and we are here to share all the tips and tricks to quickly gain back HP in the game. Let … Read more

Pokemon Unite: Free Rotation Guide


Free Rotation is a great concept in Pokemon Unite where a number of Pokemon are provided free to play for a certain time. You will not have to purchase a license or pay a fee to play any of the Pokemon on the Free Rotation list for that time period. Usually, a Free Rotation has … Read more

Pokemon Unite: How To Surrender


While winning is the ultimate goal in all matches, sometimes you might find yourself caught in one that you just want to quit. There may be a number of reasons for this like wanting a different team or being in a bad position in the match. In such cases, it is possible for you to … Read more

Pokemon Unite: Invincibility Guide


Pokemon Unite has many features that can aid you during matches. For example, you can gain Invincibility for a short period of time. During this period, you are immune to any damage dealt by the enemy. However, only a few Pokemon moves can give the Invincibility effect in Pokemon Unite. Let us learn more about … Read more

Pokemon Unite: How To Check Team Score


Pokemon Unite does not show the team score in real time. This can be frustrating to players as it makes it quite difficult to understand whether your team is winning or losing a match. While it is currently not possible for you to check your team score during a match, there are a lot of … Read more

Pokemon Unite: Complete List Of Achievements


Achievements are mini-tasks within Pokemon Unite that you can complete to earn different rewards. Depending on the level of the tasks, the rewards may vary from Tickets to Stickers and much more. There are three levels of difficulty in each task: Beginner, Expert, and Master. You can master all levels for some great rewards. Let … Read more

Pokemon Unite: What To Spend Aeos Coins On


Aeos Coins are one of the currencies available in Pokemon Unite. You can get these coins by participating in battles, completing missions, or leveling up. There are up to 2100 coins up for grabs each week. However, since Aeos Coins are still a limited resource in Pokemon Unite, you might want to prioritize what you … Read more

Pokemon Unite: What to Spend Aeos Tickets On


Aeos Tickets are one of the currencies in Pokemon Unite. You can use them in the Aeos Emporium. These tickets can be earned as ranked season rewards, events, challenges, and battle passes. You can also purchase these tickets using Aeos Gems if you are falling short. Though Aeos Tickets can be used to purchase multiple … Read more