How To Get The Lonely Peak Badge In Adopt Me


Roblox Adopt Me is a massively multiplayer online game where players can adopt cute pets, decorate their houses, and play with friends. In addition to this, players can also earn badges by completing a corresponding course associated with it. The Lonely Peak badge is quite easy to earn in Roblox Adopt Me. However, players that … Read more

Roblox Anime Story: How To Get Blessed Gem


Roblox Anime Story is an RPG where players can complete quests, equip new gear, and strengthen their characters. Players will find several items like the Blessed Gems that can help them progress faster through the game. The Blessed Gems can be used to craft items at the blacksmith. In this guide, we will explain how … Read more

How To Unlock All Eggs In Atlantis In Roblox Mining Simulator 2

Hatch Eggs in Mining Simulator 2

Atlantis is one of the permanent areas in Roblox Mining Simulators 2. Precisely, it is the third permanent area in the game. In this area, you will find certain eggs you can hatch in order to get exclusive pets. These pets help you mine faster and get coins in the game after selling the objects … Read more

Best Boss To Grind In Project Slayers

Beat boss to Grind in Project Slayers

Picture Credits: Infernasu If you’ve seen the Anime series on which the Roblox games are based, you know how terrifying and powerful the bosses are. Similarly, the bosses in Project Slayers are dangerous and it takes a lot of effort to defeat the bosses in the game. But, if you are looking for a boss … Read more

Roblox Project Slayers How To Meditate

Meditate in Project Slayers

While playing Project Slayers, you will come across various Breathing techniques which will help you deal more damage to your opponents. It is important to acquire these breathing styles to increase your power in the game. Now, you need to find yourself a trainer to learn these techniques among other things. And you will be … Read more

How To Get Ore In Project Slayers

get ores in project Slayers

Picture credits: MrEncryption Ores are important items in Project Slayers as they are used to buy several things in the game which can be alternately bought with Robux. But how can you get your hands on these Ore in the game? Well, all you have to do is to read along with this guide and … Read more

How To Get Rainbow Knife In Survive The Killer


Survive The killer is a Roblox horror survival game where players can either be Survivors or Killers. There is a multitude of weapons to choose from in the game. While there are a lot of regular weapons in the game, there are also some rare weapons that are only available during specific limited-time events. The … Read more

How To Get Divine Cupid In Survive the Killer


Survive The Killer is a Roblox horror game than requires players to either be Survivors or Killers. While a Survivor’s job is to hide from the Killer and escape being killed alongside their teammates, Killers need to annihilate the Survivors before the timer runs out. Players will get a number of characters if they choose … Read more

How To Get Crimson Crusader In Survive The Killer


Survive The Killer is a Roblox horror survival game. Players can either be Survivors or the Killer in the game. While Survivors need to hide and escape with their teammates, the Killer will try to take out the Survivors before the time runs out or they escape. Killers can choose from the myriad variety of … Read more