How To Use Ender Pearl In Stands Awakening?


Stands Awakening is a Roblox game based on Hirohiko Araki’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga series. You can trade stands and fight against opponents in this game. It is currently in its beta form. Players can expect a lot of changes before the game is released from beta. There are a lot of items that you … Read more

How To Get The Lonely Peak Badge In Adopt Me


Roblox Adopt Me is a massively multiplayer online game where players can adopt cute pets, decorate their houses, and play with friends. In addition to this, players can also earn badges by completing a corresponding course associated with it. The Lonely Peak badge is quite easy to earn in Roblox Adopt Me. However, players that … Read more

Roblox Jailbreak: How To Trade


Jailbreak is a Roblox game where players can choose to be police officers or criminals. While there is a lot of cool stuff to collect, players might want to trade their items with other players in Jailbreak. This article will explain how players can go about doing so. How To Trade In Jailbreak? The first … Read more

Roblox Anime Story: How To Get Blessed Gem


Roblox Anime Story is an RPG where players can complete quests, equip new gear, and strengthen their characters. Players will find several items like the Blessed Gems that can help them progress faster through the game. The Blessed Gems can be used to craft items at the blacksmith. In this guide, we will explain how … Read more

Roblox Jailbreak: How To Get Keycard

Roblox Jailbreak: How To Get Keycard

Jailbreak is a cops and criminals RPG that is quite popular on the Roblox platform. Players can either choose to play as criminals or as cops. While criminals perform jailbreaks and robberies, the cops stop them from doing so and put them back in jail. Players looking to Jailbreak will need a keycard to do … Read more

How To Get The Sunlight Marker In Find The Markers

How to get the Sunlight Marker in Find the Markers

This marker is an extreme difficulty marker that is part of the find the marker series, currently, there are more than 200+ markers here. And getting your hands on all of them will provide you with a final reward. In this article, we’ll see where we can find and how we can get sunlight marker … Read more

How To Get The Spirit Crown In Era Of Althea

How To Get The Spirit Crown In Era Of Althea

You can grab various items while playing Era Of Althea. Collecting these items will provide you with buffs and boosts to improve your gameplay and develop your skills. One of the most prominent items is the Crown in Era of Althea. If you’re wondering how to get the Crown in the game, you need not … Read more

How To Collect Ayagems In Venture Tale

get Ayagems in Venture Tale

Venture Tale is a newly released Roblox game. You have to create your character and venture into the several dungeons and thrilling locations in the game. While doing so, you have to defeat enemies and various Bosses. The more you explore, the better Venturer you will become. In this game, there is a currency that … Read more

How To Wear Slayer Corp Uniform In Roblox Project Slayers

Roblox Project Slayers Slayer Corp Uniform Guide?

The recently released Roblox game Project Slayers has become quite popular around the globe in no time. As this game is based on the Anime Demon Slayers, players can now be a part of the anime by playing it. The game has many features that reverberate the Anime’s essence, especially the Slayer Corp Uniform. The … Read more

Roblox Project Slayers: How to Win Cup Game

Win Cup Game in Project Slayers

If you’ve watched the Anime Demon Slayers, you must be familiar with the Cup Game. The same concept of Cup Game has been added in Roblox Project Slayers. In case you’re new to Cup Game, it is a simple mini-game that you can play in the game. Cup Game is played between 2 players in … Read more