XPG Alpha Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

xpg alpha wireless gaming mouse review

The Computer Mouse is one of the most important pieces of equipment you will have in the Modern World. Whether it be for casual leisure use or hardcore Gaming, you will always need a Mouse. Over the years, many Computer Mice have been made and got better with each iteration. The Alpha Wireless is the … Read more

Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 In India (2022)


With the arrival of Esport, gaming has become a serious business. Players are looking for the best possible gear that can give them an advantage in a game. However, players can often get restricted and discouraged by their budget. This is why we have listed out the best gaming mouse under 1000 in India in … Read more

Best Gaming Mouse Under 3000 In India (July 2022)


When putting together a PC gaming setup, a good mouse is very important to take into consideration. A good mouse can be the difference between getting that critical hit or missing. However, a great gaming mouse can be quite costly. This is why we have picked the best gaming mouse under 3000 INR for players … Read more

Best Gaming Headphones Under 1000 In India (July 2022)


Headphones are an important part of an immersive gaming experience. Depending on the audio quality of the headphones, players can either find themselves transported to the game’s world or end up wanting more out of the auditory experience. To make sure that our readers do not end up in the second category, we have put … Read more