Chained Echoes: Where To Find Buried Treasures?

The Buried Treasures in Chained Echoes can provide players with items like Rusty Weapons, Arcs, and Armor. It also helps players level up their skills and sometimes even unlock new abilities. Moreover, players need to collect buried treasures to get the Reward Cartel Boss achievement. This guide will explain how players can find the Buried Treasures in Chained Echoes.

Where To Find Buried Treasures In Chained Echoes?


There are 24 Buried Treasures to be found in the game. These are divided among the eight regions. If players want to know where they can find each Buried Treasure, they can browse through our list below.

  • Rohlan Fields: There are 2 hidden treasures near the fast-travel crystal in the northern part of Farnsport river. In addition, players can also find 2 other Buried Treasures across the lake on Basil’s north and northeast sides.
  • Kortarta Mountain Ranges: Players can find 3 Buried Treasures to the south of Rockbottom.
  • Fiorwoods: Players can find 2 hidden treasures north and south of Iden. In addition, there is a third chest in the north of the Camp.
  • Flower Fields of Perpetua: Players can find one Buried Treasure near each fast-travel crystal in Perpetua. Moreover, there is one Treasure in the open field on the southeast of the map.
  • Arkant Archipelago: There is a Buried Treasure on each side of the archipelago. There is also a treasure near the fast travel crystal. However, it is only accessible through the Sky Armor.
  • Flying Continent Shambala: Players can find a Buried Treasure in the Research Facilities. There are another two treasures near the Sova Village.
  • Magic Academy Nhysa: Players can find one Buried Treasure near Seaside Village, and the other two are near the Market.
  • Ograne Grottos: The first Buried Treasure is near the fast-travel crystal in the north. The second is near the fast-travel crystal in the east while the last one is in the south.

These are all the locations for the Buried Treasures in Chained Echoes. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more gaming guides, check out The Best Medium Weapons In Deepwoken.


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