How To Get Cheap Diamonds In Free Fire MAX From Memberships

Diamonds are a useful in-game currency in games like Free Fire MAX and players are always on the lookout for opportunities to get them cheap. Players can get items like cosmetics and outfits with Diamonds in the game. However, apart from top-up events, getting Diamonds can be quite costly. This is where the Free Fire MAX memberships can help players get the diamonds cheap.

Let us take a look at how to do so below.

Free Fire MAX Memberships: Get Cheap Diamonds & Other Rewards


Players can opt for either the weekly or the monthly FF MAX membership. Both these memberships provide players with cheap diamonds as well as other rewards. The Weekly membership provides players with 100 Diamonds on purchase. In addition, players can also get 350 Diamonds from the Daily Check-in. Players can get an additional 100 diamonds if they opt for a subscription plan while purchasing the membership.

On the other hand, players that activate the monthly membership get 500 Diamonds on purchase. They can earn up to 2100 Diamonds from the daily check-in. Alternatively, players can also purchase both memberships simultaneously to get an additional 15 diamonds. Players can follow the instructions below to purchase memberships in FF MAX.

  • Players first need to open Free Fire MAX.
  • They now need to select the Membership option located on the top side of the screen.
  •  Now, players must select the kind of membership they are purchasing from Weekly to Monthly.
  • Once players have decided on their membership, they can click on it and complete the payment procedure.
  • The membership will be activated once players have made the payment.

As indicated above, players will receive some Diamonds immediately on purchase. They can also check-in daily to claim more Diamonds in the game.

This is all about how players can get cheap diamonds from Free Fire MAX memberships. For more FF MAX content, check out Are Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Generators Real?


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