Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022: Indian DOTA 2 Team Beats New Zealand To Win The Bronze Medal

The Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022 are well underway and the Indian DOTA 2 team has secured a Bronze medal by defeating New Zealand. The team had a strong start in the CWG Esports 2022 and they backed it up with a strong finish. Meanwhile, the Rocket League team for India has had a disappointing outing at the Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022. They failed to qualify for the playoffs.

Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022: Indian DOTA 2 Team Grab The Bronze Medal In Exciting Faceoff

The CWG Esports Championships 2022 is comprised of 3 Esports titles. These are DOTA 2, Rocket League, and eFootball. India had representative teams for DOTA 2 and Rocket League during the event. Though the Rocket League team was booted out early in the contest, the DOTA 2 stuck the landing and claimed a Bronze medal for India. The team was defeated in the semi-final match against Malaysia and had to face off against New Zealand for the Bronze.

The Indian DOTA 2 team includes Moin Ejaz, Ketan Goyal, Abhishek Yadav, Shubhnam Goli, and Vishal Vernekar. This team beat out New Zealand with 2-0 in a Best of 3. While the first match between the two teams was a breeze for India, the second match had some nail-biting moment.

For game 1, Radiant (India) played Death Prophet, Earthshaker, Juggernaut, Ember Spirit and Grimstroke. Meanwhile, Dire (New Zealand) played Spectre, Abaddon, Zeus, Marci and Pudge.

The first match of the tournament was a clean sweep for India as it won 60-15 against Wales. While New Zealand did put up a zealous fight in their face off for the Bronze medal, India booked its place to the semi-finals. However, they lost out to Malaysia.

It is an exciting time for Esports fans in India with a lot of exposure and limelight. We will keep bring more Esports news to our readers in the future.

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