Cookie Run Comic Creator Guide: How To Make Comics

Cookie Run Comic Creator is a platform where you can create your own comic and create a comic. Now, though this Comic Creator contains the Cookie Run characters, it is not made by the developers of the Cookie Run franchise. It is a fan made website where anyone can be a comic creator. In this article, you will see how it works and how can you create your own comics.

How to Make Comics with the Cookie Run Comic Creator?

Cookie run comic creator

When you open the Comic Creator, you will see three empty panels before you with certain icons provided below. On the left side you will 6 icons containing cookie run characters, dialogue and a scenery and a bar. If you’ll see the right side of the screen, you will notice several icons such as Undo, + Row, – Row, + Column, – Column, etc. Now, look at these icons as ingredients of your imagination. And you have to create a comic using these ingredients.

Left side of the Cookie Run Comic Creator

  • Cookie Face Icon – For various Characters
  • Chocolate Chip Icon – For various Characters
  • Blue Bean Icon – For various Characters
  • Dialogue Icon – You can write down dialogues of your characters using this icon. Add quirky rebuttals to make your comic funnier.
  • Background Icon – To fill the essence in the scene. Be it night or day, outdoors or indoors. There are two options for the background images, one of them are snapshots of the in-game locations and the other are just solid color backgrounds.
  • The bar – It helps you to turn the characters and dialogues as per the requirement of the scene.

Right side of the Cookie Run Comic Creator

  • +/- Row – Add or Subtract the number of panels in rows.
  • +/- Column – Add or Subtract the number of panels in columns.
  • Undo – Undo the steps if you feel the need to improvise.
  • Redo – You can use this icon to do a step again.
  • Copy Panel – Which you can use to copy or/and paste a panel.
  • Save Image – This one will save the panels that you have created.
  • Flip Image – Using this icon you can change the direction of the characters to have a functionable conversation with the other characters.
  • Adjusting bar – With this bar, with this you can adjust the size of the characters and dialogues to fit them in the panel and be presentable.

Now you know how to use the Cookie Run Comic Creator. So go ahead and bake some of your ideas in the creator. Hopefully, this article proved fruitful to you. While you’re here, you can check out how to get Red Velvet Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom and how to get Tart Jampies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.


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