Who Is The Most Dangerous Player In BGMI (July 2022)

BGMI rose to popularity upon its release after the original version of the game was banned in India. It is currently one of the biggest battleground games in the country and new players are attracted to the game by the day. Each player brings a unique skill set to the game but only the best player becomes the last man standing. Survival of the Fittest is the only mantra you should recite while playing BGMI and practice your gameplay before entering the arena. In this guide, you will be looking at the most dangerous players in BGMI.

Most Dangerous Players in BGMI

Here are some of the best players in BGMI who have notable achievements registered to their names. Because each player has a different style of gameplay, there isn’t any one player who can be titled the most dangerous player in BGMI. Check out some of the best players in the country below.


Well known by his gaming name ‘Snax‘, Raj Varma is one of the most dangerous players in BGMI. Snax plays as an Assaulter in the squad and no one can come close to his skills with DP-28 gun. His fans also call him DP King because of his near-accurate shots and confirmed kills. Snax is one of the players in Team Insidious and is one of the best BGMI players.


Vivek Aabhas Horo, Clutchgod in BGMI, is a popular esports player in India. He plays in team GodLike Esports and is one of the biggest players in BGMI. ClutchGod is known for his leadership qualities in the game and a calm mindset which gives him a clear perspective in the match and can support his teammates well. He has participated in most of the tournaments and has given his best in all of them.


Jonathan Amaral is also known as one of the best players in BGMI. He plays in Team GodLike Esports and is beyond amazing in his two-finger gameplay. Before joining his current, he used to play in Team TSM Entity. He almost never misses his target and can contribute to his teammates massively.


Tanmay Singh, popularly known by his gaming name Scout, is one of the most dangerous players in BGMI. He has climbed up to the top of his league because of his flexible gameplay. You can say he is the all-rounder of BGMI and can take up any position in the game be it sniper, assaulter, or medic. He is not only a member of Team XSpark but also the owner of the team. He is a professional esports player and continues to astonish his opponents with his skills.


Harsh Paudwal, better known by his gaming name Goblin, is a well-decorated player in BGMI. He is a player of Team Soul and has played in the BGMI Pro Series Season 1. Goblin achieved greatness by out-performing most of his opponents in the tournament. He is one of the most dangerous players in BGMI.

These were some of the biggest players in BGMI and all of them give their best in lifting the spirit of games and esports. Hence, all of them are the most dangerous players in BGMI. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other such articles on the Gamesadda website.


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