Diablo Immortal Bounties Guide

Diablo Immortal is the first mobile-friendly game in the Diablo game series. Besides following the main story, there are a number of things players can do in the game. Once players have advanced a bit in the game, they can also choose to complete Bounties in Diablo Immortal.

However, players will need to unlock the Bounties first. In today’s article, we will explain how players can unlock Bounties. We will also list out all the Bounties currently available for players in Diablo Immortal.

How To Unlock Bounties In Diablo Immortal?


Bounties are mini-quests that players can complete to get rewards like XP, gold, Battle Points, or equipment. In order to unlock Bounties, players must head to the Palace Courtyard in Westmarch. Now, players will need to complete the tutorial quests. This will unlock Bounties.

Now, players can find the Quartermaster NPC Derek next to the Bounty Board. Players can pick the Bounties they want to complete from here. A complete list of all the bounties available in the game is given below. Players can pick up to 4 Bounties at a time.

Bounties In  Diablo Immortal

Ashwold Cemetery Bounties

Bounty Objective
Clearing the Cobwebs Kill 50 Spiders in Ashwold Cemetery
Guarding the Gardens Kill Monsters in the Eastern Gardens
Disturbing Their Rest Search the Ossuary and kill the Disturbed Zombies
Hidden in the Grass Kill Monsters Along the Outskirts
Ashwold Steel Kill Skeletal Warriors to Collect Ashwold Steel
Honoring the Captain

Kill 10 Royal Guards to Collect Royal Armor Place Royal Armor to Summon and Kill Captain Wentworth

Dark Wood Bounties

Bounty Objective
Bird of Prey Kill a Corrupted Mauler and the Giant Vulture
Bloodsword Insignia

Kill 15 Bloodsword Rogues to Collect Bloodsworn Insignia

Into the Swamp Kill 60 Bog Creatures
Night Howlers Kill Night Howlers
Numbing the Pain Kill 15 Toxic Lurkers to Collect Paralytic Venom
Culling the Pack Kill 40 Direwolves
Quill Collection Kill 15 Quill Rats to Collect Black Quills

Shassar Sea Bounties

Bounty Objective
Desert Bandits Kill 20 Sand Scorpion Bandits
Weapons of War Kill 20 Deceivers to Collect Shattered Polearms
Beneath the Sands

Investigate the Sands and kill 10 Lurking Desert Crawlers (10)

Merchant’s Debts Collect 8 Merchant’s Documents
Lacuni Fur Kill Lacuni to Collect Lacuni Fur
Verithas the False

Collect Demonic Flesh to Summon and Kill Verithas the False

Desert Crawlers Kill Desert Crawlers
Stolen Goods Kill Sand Scorpion Bandits to Collect Stolen Goods
Dune Wolves Kill Dune Wolves
Golden Leather Kill 15 Dune Wolves to Collect Golden Leather
Razor Quills Kill 10 Razor Spines to Collect Razor Quills
King of Smugglers

Kill Sand Scorpion Bandits to Collect the Smuggler’s Missive and Leodias the Smuggler

Library of Zoltun Kulle Bounties

Bounty Objective
Shifting Cores Kill Quicksand Golems to Collect Shifting Cores
Defending the Library Kill Monsters in the Library of Zoltun Kulle
The Hungering Altar Investigate the Hungering Altar
Hunting Bandits Find the Hidden Sand Scorpion Bandits; Kill Them
Corrosive Flesh

Kill 15 Undone Bilespwers to Collect Demonic Flesh

Remnants of the Past

Kill 30 Reanimated Horadric Mages to Collect Soul Sand

Bilefen Bounties

Bounty Objective
Living Nightmares Kill 60 Beasts in the Bilefen
Dust to Dust Kill 60 Undead Monsters
Crimsonblade Haven Kill 50 Crimsonblade Pirates

Mount Zavain Bounties

Bounty Objective
The Khazra Threat Kill Khazra in the Moon Clan Encampment
Graveyard Soldiers Defeat Zakarum Oathbreakers
The Risen Monks Defeat Risen Monks
Khazra on Zavain Find and kill the Khazra waiting in Ambush
Beasts of the Foggy Plains Kill Varanids

Locate and eliminate the Cultists hiding in Mount Zavain

Royal Guards Kill Royal Guards
Nightmare in the Misty Valley Kill Monsters in the Misty Valley

Frozen Tundra Bounties

Bounty Objective
Reclaim the Village

Defeat the Invading Warped Ones in the Abandoned Village

Pursuit of Victory

Find and finish the Ice Clan Ambushers

Crisis in the Frozen Tundra Find and kill theFrost Horrors Lying in Ambush
Wriggling Menace Kill Cragworms

Realm of Damnation Bounties

Bounty Objective
Infernal Leather Collect 30 Sinewy Wings from Ashen Servitors


This is all about Bounties in Diablo Immortal. For more guides about the game, check out the Best DPS Class In Diablo Immortal.


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