What is Difference between a Blog and Website?

Difference between a Blog and Website – In this blog post we try to differentiate between blog and website. Here you will find a detailed article on “blog and website difference“.

If you are thinking about starting a blog or a website, then understanding these terms will help you meet your goals.

What is Difference between a Blog and Website

What is Difference between a Blog and Website?

Did you ever thought about the difference between a Blog and Website? Usually, people usually think that if they are using the net, than they are on a website. But there are some big differences between a blog and a website which make them different from each other. 

So every time you are surfing the net, you may be on a blog or a website. However, both of them are used to publish content but the type of content is what matters where you would want to use a website or a blog for yourself to publish your content online. 

In this tutorial, we shall come to know the difference between differences between a blog and a website.

What Is A Blog?

A blog is a type of website where the content is presented in reverse chronological order (newer content appear first). Blog content is often referred to as entries or “blog posts”.

Blogs are typically run by an individual or a small group of people to present information in a conversational style. 

What Is A Blog

However, now there are tons of corporate blogs that produce a lot of informational and thought-leadership style content.

A blog is dynamic and is usually updated pretty often. Some bloggers publish multiple new articles a day.

Typical blog posts also have a comments section where users can respond to the article. Blogs are buzzwords, comment sections are designed to create online conversations about blog content and blog owners, who have comments made available to news readers and other publishers under online articles by news media platforms.

In Simple Words, a blog is a kind of your Diary or Journal you keep updating.

What Is A Website? 

A website is a more general term. A website does not publish posts instead it adds data to the pages for its users which a website has to offer. 

All the pages have no limit about how much data can be posted or in which way it is presented. However, one needs to know the programming languages like as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Php, Python etc. 

To build the websites as each page is separate static page and they do not publish posts. A blog may be a part of the website linked from the homepage of the website. 

A website usually has little to no limits about how and what data can be published on it. Mostly the data published on website’s pages remain same or unedited. 

All the other pages on a website are linked from the main page. A website might have few to thousands of pages of it depends upon the need of the person making the website.

What Is A Website? 

An example of websites: Amazon.com, Facebook.com, Google.com, Yahoo.com, Bing.com or any other like the same.

1) Websites are usually made with the intention of doing business or for existing business.

2) You can sell your products online.

3) You can render your services online.

4) You can make membership websites.

5) Creation of websites is more expensive as you need to hire professionals to design your website and you require a nice budget before you get the start. 

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Website and blog comparison chart

Comparison Website Blog
fundamental unit The basic unit of content is a post. The basic unit of content is a page.
order no command chronological order
Comment not always possible Active
subscription There is no subscription available for the RSS feed. Can subscribe to RSS feeds.
Update Updates are not mandatory. Updated frequently.
home page There isn’t always a home page. Homepage is the main page.

Which One Do You Need, A Website Or Blog?

The answer to this question depends on your needs that what you want to do online. If you are about to share your content online with your readers like the way we are doing here, then you can go with a BLOG else wise you can opt for a website. 

Usually more and more people prefer setting up a blog these days as it takes less than 10 minutes to setup a blog and get ready online to publish content where websites are not easy to create as you need to design everything from scratch. 

There is everything ready for blogs and you just need to pick one nice theme/template from the free collection or buy one and publish with a push of the button. Two major and widely used platforms for creating blogs worldwide are WordPress and Blogger (Note: You can also create membership websites with WordPress). 

If you are serious with your blogging and can afford Web hosting for your blog, then I must refer you to WordPress as it gives you full control or else wise you can always use Blogger.com to create your free blog.

How to Make Money With Blogs

Most of the time, when someone mentions the term ‘blog,’ the first things that comes to mind is a personal journal or hobby website. While there are many people who blog for the fun of it, there are others who use blogging to make money. 

This blog started as a passion project, but once we realized that the companies whose tools we promoted (just because we liked them) would actually pay us to do so.

There’s a few ways to make money blogging:

Displaying ads. The most popular way to display ads on a blog is via Google Adsense. Adsense, like most ad programs, pays every time a reader clicks on an ad placed in the blog.  

Affiliate marketing. Another way to rake in revenue is through affiliate marketing. There are affiliate marketing sites like Amazon and eBay that pay commissions for every product bought from ad promotions in the blog. We became affiliates of the marketing software tools we sell by either signing up for their affiliate network or by reaching out and making a relationship.

Another way to generate income from blogs is through memberships and subscriptions – charging members by providing member-only content. This is a pretty tricky way to make money and definitely works best with very niche products (ones in which information is truly hard to come by).

Selling online courses

Setting-up an online store

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Source : wikipedia

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Conclusion : Now you have easily understood the difference between Blog and Website, What is called a blog and  website, then tell us in the comment how you liked this article, If you think I left something, just remind me in the comments and I’ll try to add them. Stay Safe!

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