Dislyte: How to Get Pre Registration Rewards

Dislyte is a fun RPG where players can use a gacha system to earn characters in this Lilith game. The game holds a ton of systems to learn from, modes to play and rewards to gain. But with the game finally out, it isn’t a surprise why so many want to get the Dislyte pre-registration rewards. To make things a little more difficult, devs haven’t placed these rewards where you would normally find them. Here is how you can collect your pre-registration rewards now that the global launch has finally arrived on the scene.

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How to Get Dislyte Pre-Registration Rewards

Dislyte: How to Get Pre Registration Rewards

To receive your well-deserved rewards in Dislyte, you must first hit level five in the game. The rewards are given over the course of five days. This is to avoid and discourage reroll spams among players. Which means that you will take about a week to get the free 10-pull summons that was promised.

Usually, other Gacha games provide your rewards through the in-game mailbox. And so, many were confused by why Dislyte was so very different. Don’t worry though, the grind to level five is no big deal and easy to accomplish. You will receive your pre-registration rewards in Dislyte before you know it.

What Are the Rewards?

The pre-registration rewards that every player gets in Dislyte are ten free pulls. Even if it isn’t straight away, this is a great reward for most.

This was our guide on how to get the pre-registration rewards in Dislyte. What do you think about Dislyte and how would you like to receive your rewards? For those of you that enjoy gacha games, why don’t you check out this article on the best Gacha games in 2022?

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