How To Dive & Swim Up In GTA 5: PC, Xbox, & PS

Here are the controls of how to dive and swim up in GTA 5 easily. If you’ve been struggling to swim in the game, then check out the controls for PC, Xbox 360/Xbox One, and PS4/PS5 devices. As we all know GTA 5 is one of the most played and globally popular games. And when it comes to the open world game, the GTA series is at the top of the list. Players can do almost everything they want in the game which also includes going for a swim. So let’s not waste more time and dive into the controls to swim in GTA 5.

Controls to Dive & Swim Up in GTA 5 – PC, Xbox, & PS

How To Dive & Swim Up GTA 5

Check out how to dive and swim up in GTA 5. If you’re thinking of diving deep underwater, then beware of the sharks. However, you can also attack them with a knife while swimming. So what are you waiting for the go ahead and start diving into the deep.

Devices DIVE Swimming Fast Swimming Underwater Dive Swim Up Equip Knife Underwater Swimming Attacks
PC Spacebar WASD buttons Shift key Spacebar S & Left Shift Key Tab key R key
PS3/PS4 R1 button Left Stick X button R1 button Left Stick & X L1 the button bodiesle button
Xbox360/XboxOne RB button Left Stick A button RB button A button LB button B button

Note: Don’t stay in the water for too long and keep checking your health bar or else your character might die.

Now you know all the controls to dive, swim, and swim up in GTA 5. You just have to find a sea or a lake and start swimming. If you don’t have time to explore the map, then scroll down and find out the locations of the water body in the game.

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Water Body Locations: Sea, River, & Lake

Same as the real world, GTA 5 world is also surrounded by water. You’ll just need to keep going in a direction until you hit the water. Although, we have also mentioned all the water body locations in the article below.

  • Lake located in the North Los Santos in the Middle of Vinewood
  • Another lake is located in the center of Tataviam Mountain.
  • And finally, you can reach the Alamo Sea by going to the west of Sandy Shores.

This is all you know about swimming and water body locations in the game. While you’re here don’t forget to check out this GTA 5 Cheats list.


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