Tower Of Fantasy: Solve Earthphyte Plant Puzzle

Tower Of Fantasy has a lot of new adventures in store for the players. Being a role-playing game, the players can experience an immersive gameplay and various kinds of missions and puzzles for the players to solve. Well, In this guide, we have covered one of the many puzzles that players come across. And that puzzle is called Earthphyte Plant Puzzle in Tower Of Fantasy. In order to know how to solve the Earthphyte Puzzle in the game, read along with this guide and learn the answer.

How to Solve Earthphyte Puzzle in Tower Of Fantasy?

Eathphyte plant puzzle in Tower Of Fantasy

The Earthphyte Plant isn’t accessible in the early stages of the game. Players will come across this flower in the Crown region. In this region, you can easily find one. The plant has green leaves and brown petals. If you’re seeing it for the first time, you will see that the petals are open.

Whenever you see an Earthphyte plant, you have to find its bud and place it in the center of the flower. Notice the color of the flower at its center and find a bud with the same color. While looking for it, you may have to explore the surroundings of the flower. Because the bud is placed a certain distance away from the plant.

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Once you find the required bud, you have to carry the bud to the plant to solve the Earthphyte Puzzle in Tower Of Fantasy. In order to lift the bud Press F on your keyboard. Take the bud to the flower and aim at the center of the plant. Once you do that, the plant will then wrap its petals around the bud and drop either a black or a gold nucleus as rewards.

This is how you can solve the Earthphyte Plant Puzzle in Tower Of Fantasy and get rewards. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and feel free to check out other similar guides such as How to Get Black Nucleus in Tower Of Fantasy? and Where to find Broccoli?


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