Best Educational Games For Children To Play And Learn (2022)

Educational games can be a great way for kids to learn while also having fun. These games are a perfect platform for kids to pick up valuable skills all while they play. However, with so many educational games on the market, how can parents decide which games are the best for their kids?

That is what this Games Adda list is all about. We have put together a list of the best educational games that provide a good combination of schooling and entertainment. Let us take a look.

What Are The Best Educational Games For Kids?

The best educational games educate kids in effective yet engaging ways. This is a task not every educational game is able to accomplish. Often, children can get bored and decide to move on. However, this won’t be an issue with these game recommendations.

The Magic School Bus Series

The Magic School Bus games are designed to educate kids about a variety of different topics. Children can learn about the Solar System, the Ocean Life, or Animals with these interactive games. A trip on this magic school bus is guaranteed to be educational as well as fun for kids. The games are based on the popular Scholastic show of the same name from the 90’s.

Coding Games For Kids


This is a neat little platform that has multiple games to help children learn fundamentals of sequences, functions, and loops. There are games like the Monster Dentist which teaches young kids about oral hygiene and coding at the same time. There are other games that instill logical thinking and analytical processing in kids.

Kids would enjoy spending their time trying to get the best of games like Garbage Truck and Pop The Balloons while learning important lessons. The game has over 1000+ levels to keeps kids hooked.



This is a great educational platform for kids that want to learn math in a fun and innovative way while playing games. Children will find 6 math games in Dragonbox each of which covers a different mathematical concept. Moreover, there is also Chess that kids can play to enhance their thinking capacities.

This game platform is ideal for kids from ages 5 to 12. It is divided into two different categories to customize learning as per the age and level of the child. While kids can use Dragonbox for free, there are also various subscription paid plans that offer especially designed plans for each student.



This is another huge platform when it comes to educational games for kids. It has over 100+ mini-games for young kids that teach them about different subjects like Math, Science, English, etc. Moreover, kids can have a lot of fun playing with the characters they see on TV.



Starfall is dedicated to help children learn to read. In the app, there are a number of games that are designed to improve reading, comprehension, letters, and other basic language requirements. There is a basic free plan that will give kids enough content to get started.

However, kids that have advanced in their learning a little might need one of the subscription tiers. These offer more advanced content for kids to dig into.

These are all the educational games for kids. For more educational apps, check out the Best Mobile Apps For University Students.


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