Epic Seven: How To Beat Twisted Core?

Twisted Core is the 10-10 stage in Episode 2 of Epic Seven. It is quite a difficult stage with multiple enemies. This stage is nearly impossible to solo and should be completed with friends. However, if you want to beat Twisted Core in Epic Seven, this guide will give you some handy tips and tricks to do so.

How To Beat Twisted Core In Epic Seven?


You will face multiple enemies in Twisted Core. These include Incomplete Faustus (Boss), Nytros of Hatred, Constorum of Hatred, Nytros of Pain, and Constorum of Revulsion. To defeat this stage in the game, you need to keep a few things in mind. Let us take a look at them below.

  • If you want to solo 10-10, Champion Zerato is a good choice as he is good against debuffs and can withstand them.
  • You will need two Soul Weavers to sustain your team.
  • Take Cleanser Heroes along to dispel buffs inflicted by Incomplete Faustus when he uses Gaze of Despair. Lilias is good for cleanse and double attack.
  • Strong Support Heroes are a good advantage to have at this stage.
  • Having good arena gear is crucial for this stage. Try clearing Wyvern 11 and Abyss levels to get better gear.
  • Yufine can also defeat Incomplete Faustus with a 50% damage boost to buffed enemies.
  • Crit hits are important and you should try to land them. If you miss a crit, you will be faced with buffs like crit protection which raises the difficulty even further.
  • You can also combine Level 50 Ras with Aurius to keep buffs off and dual attack.
  • Level 50 Achates with Magaraha is another good option for Cleanse and healing.
  • Luna (Level 60) can be a good single DPS for this stage.
  • For AOE and Reset cooldown consider using Level 60 Judge Kise.

These are a few tips you need to keep in mind when trying to beat Twisted Core in Epic Seven. For more Epic Seven guides, check out Nixied Sanctum Area 5 Guide Epic Seven


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