Epic Seven Guide: How To Get The Nightmare Mask?

Nightmare Mask is an Epic Catalyst in Epic Seven.  It can be used by Heroes with the Aries zodiac sign. However, you may want to know how to obtain this Mask in the game as there are multiple ways to do so. In this guide, we will explain the most efficient method to get the Nightmare Mask in Epic Seven.

How To Obtain The Nightmare Mask In Epic Seven?

While there are multiple methods to get the Nightmare Mask in Epic Seven, the best way is to complete Unrecorded History stage 6-9 Red Lily Shelter. The Epic Catalyst can drop randomly as a boss reward in this stage. You can also do repeated runs of this stage to collect AP and exchange it for the Nightmare Mask in the AP exchange shop. It will cost you 400 AP and the process can be repeated 5 times a week. While several other Adventure stages also offer the Nightmare Mask as a reward, their difficulty level is much higher and you will need longer to farm those stages.

You can also craft the Nightmare Mask in the Alchemist’s Steeple once a week. You will receive three Nightmare Masks after completing the crafting. To successfully complete the craft, you will need 4 Epic Catalysts or 14 Rare Catalysts.

You can also purchase Catalyst Booster Packs when they appear in the Shop. However, these appear randomly in the Shop and you will need to check back often to see if there is on available at the given time.

You can also place your Pet in the lobby to get rewards that can include Rare or Epic Catalysts. However, the rewards are random so there is no way to know what you might get.

Lastly, you can obtain Nightmare Mask by purchasing Rare and Epic Catalyst Chests from the Guild Member Shop. These are available 5 times a week. You will need Commander’s Armbands to purchase these.

The Nightmare Mask is used by Heroes with the Aries zodiac sign. These include Tywin, Kayron, Cecilia, Eda, Belian, Ran, Lilias, Champion Zerato, Maya, Cidd, Zerato, Yoonryoung, Falconer Kluri, Jena, Tieria, and Kluri.

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