Epic Seven: How To Store Heroes?

There are over a hundred Heroes that you can collect in Epic Seven. However, as you progress in the game, you collect a lot of duplicates and might run out of space in your inventory. Earlier, this used to be an issue for players that had been active in E7 for a long time. However, now you have the option to store Heroes in Epic Seven.

Let us learn more about this below.

How To Store Heroes In Epic Seven?

The main inventory in Epic Seven offers storage for 300 units. This is ample space for most players as the duplicates are mostly used as fodder to upgrade Heroes. However, if at some point you find yourself out of storage space, it is nothing to worry about. You can still Store your Heroes in Epic Seven using the Waiting Room.

Once the main inventory is full, you can get an additional 150 storage slots through the Waiting Room option. This is not the base storage though. When you unlock the Waiting Room, you will get 50 Storage Slots. You can expand these up to 150 by paying for the Expansion through Skystones. Adding 5 slots to the Waiting Room will cost you 50 Skystones.

You will not be able to place Artifact-equipped Heroes in the Waiting Room. To store such Heroes here, you will have to pay the unequip fee so that the Hero can be placed in the Waiting Room. In addition, Ingredient-type Heroes like Penguins or Phantasma can also not be placed here. Lastly, Locked Heroes, Heroes on a Mission, and Heroes in a Team Formation can not be stored in the Waiting Room.

How To Use The Waiting Room?

By placing your unused Heroes in the Waiting Room, you can also manage the inventory better with Heroes prioritized as per their usefulness. To place Heroes in the Waiting Room, you can follow the steps below.

  • Open Epic Seven.
  • Go to the Lobby.
  • Press the Hero tab.
  • Select the Waiting Room option. You will now enter the waiting room and see all of the Heroes you have in store.
  • In the Waiting Room, you will see a Hero List on the right side. You can select up to 10 Heroes that you want to store from the list.
  • After selecting the Heroes, you can click on the Confirm option at the bottom to complete the transfer.

To unlock the Waiting Room, you will need to complete certain requirements. However, it is pretty simple to complete them. You just need to complete Chapters 1-4 in Episode 1. This will unlock the Waiting Room as well as the Summons. After completing the requirements, you can access the Waiting Room any time you want.

This is all about how you can store Heroes in Epic Seven. For more Epic Seven guides, check out How To Get Kikirat V2 In Epic Seven?


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