Epic Seven: How To Unlock Pets?

Pets provide an extra passive boost to you in Epic Seven. Depending on the type of Pet you have, you can either get farming or battle boosts. If you want to unlock the Pet System in Epic Seven and reap the rewards, this guide is just what you need. We will explain the type of Pets you can get and how to get them in E7.

How To Unlock Pets In Epic Seven?


There are two types of Pets in Epic Seven: Lobby Pets and Battle Pets. Lobby Pets can regularly give random items and other perks from the lobby area. Only 1 pet can be assigned to the Lobby at a time.

On the other hand, Battle Pets can be used to repeat a stage for certain maps in exchange for Pet Snacks. These Pets can also grant you additional bonus items when you complete a run. Just like Lobby Pets, only 1 Battle Pet can be assigned at a time.

The Pet System can be unlocked when your account reaches Rank 45. You cannot access Pets before your game has crossed this milestone. After unlocking the Pet System, you can start the tutorial and choose from the three available options for Pets. Once you have made your decision, that Pet will be assigned to you.

After completing the Tutorial, if you want more Pets, you will need Pet Adoption Tickets. These Tickets are available at the Pet Shop. Moreover, you also get a free pet summon every day in the Pet House. This is a good option to avail if you do not want to get a Pet Adoption Ticket.

This is how you can unlock Pets in Epic Seven. We hope this guide was useful to you. For more Epic Seven guides, check out How To Get Arbiter Vildred Skin In Epic Seven?


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