Epic Seven Zahhak Build Guide

Zahhak is an Earth Warrior who is a Strong Single Target Damage dealer. You can do a lot of damage with this Sagittarius sign Hero if you build him up correctly. With a high chance of Crit Hit, this Hero can work well against Heroes that usually Evade Attacks. Let us take a look at the best build for Zahhak in Epic Seven.

Best Build For Zahhak In Epic Seven

Zahhak works best against opponents that have high evasion. His Skill, Vulnerability Exposed, which is an Active Skill increases Critical Hit Chance by 50% when attacking. Meanwhile, the skill Elaborate Plan can dispel two debuffs from a friend and the caster before increasing the Combat Readiness of the friend by 15%. It also grants an extra turn to the caster. Lastly, the skill Execute, attacks and inflicts injuries before granting the caster invincibility for 1 turn. It also increases Hit Chance and Critical Hit Chance by 50% when attacking.

When building up Zahhak in Epic Seven, you should focus on building up his Attack, Critical Hit Damage, and Speed. Another priority should be to raise the Critical Hit Chance by 50%. Since Zahhak’s skill already grants him a 50% increased Critical Hit Chance, this would ensure that the Crit Hits are utilized to the fullest. To fully optimize Zahhak, you must max out his S3.

When it comes to Artifacts, you must opt for the ones that strengthen his attack. To this end, Artifacts like the Symbol of Unity, Draco Plate, and Portrait of Savior are all good options.

This is a good build for Zahhak. However, the best build is not set in stone and you must try out different options to see the one that works the best for you. We hope this guide was helpful to you. For more Epic Seven guides, check out How To Transfer Account In Epic Seven?



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