Epic Seven: Zodiac Signs Guide

Zodiac signs may not seem like a significant factor in Epic Seven but they play an important role in the game. Zodiac signs actually decide the Catalysts for the Heroes. Let us learn more about the connection between zodiac signs and catalysts in E7 with the help of this article.

Zodiac Signs In Epic Seven


Zodiac signs decide upon the Catalysts that are required to Awaken or raise the Skills of a certain Hero in Epic Seven. Heroes of similar zodiac signs will need the same Catalysts to Awaken or skill up. Having a lot of Heroes with similar zodiac signs will require you to farm similar kinds of Catalysts over and over again.

The Catalysts for each Zodiac sign are listed below.

Zodiac Sign Awakening Catalyst Skill Catalyst

Awakening Catalyst (Epic)

Aquarius Order of the Shield Insignia Leather Sheath Fighter Medal
Aries Blessing of Orbis Path Power Loop Nightmare Mask
Cancer Special Alarm Loop Baby Mouse Insignia
Capricorn Cursed Ashes Slime Jelly Dragon’s Wrath
Gemini Small Sun Badge Ring of Glory Fused Nerve
Leo Ultra Fang Twisted Fang Blazing Soul
Libra Dream Time Circuit Mysterious Flash
Pisces Blood Flaked Bone Strange Jelly
Sagittarius Cold Look Archer’s Vision
Scorpio Erikion Carapace Sharp Spearhead
Taurus Blazing Rage Shiny Enchantment Horn of Desire
Virgo Eternal Forest Dust Flame of Soul


You can use this list to understand which Catalyst your Hero requires depending on their zodiac sign. This is the main function of the Zodiac signs in Epic Seven. They help separate Heroes in to groups based on their Catalyst requirement.

We hope that this article cleared up any queries regarding the Zodiac signs in E7. For more Epic Seven guides, check out How To Get Mercedes Skin In Epic Seven?


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