Evony The King’s Return: List Of Legendary Generals

You must have noticed that there are various types of Generals in Evony The King’s Return. Now, each of these types determines the strength and performance of the Generals. There are 4 rarities that they are classified into. They are Rare, Legendary, Epic, and Awakened. In this guide, we have covered the list of all Legendary Generals in Evony. By reading through this guide further, you will learn all about them.

List of All Legendary Generals in Evony The King’s Return

All Legendary Generals in Evony

We have prepared a list of all Legendary Generals in Evony The King’s Return for your reference. This list is created with the intention to help you aim for the efficient General that will contribute positively to your gameplay. Glance through the list to know more.

Generals Rarity Country
Alexander Suvorov Legendary Russia
Antara Legendary Arabia
Cleopatra Legendary Others
Constance I Legendary Europe
Attila Legendary Attila
Frederick the Great Legendary Europe
Gaius Marius Legendary Europe
Hamilcar Barca Legendary Others
Harun al-Rashid Legendary Arabia
Hernando Cortes Legendary Europe
Hua Mulan Legendary China
Ivan IV Legendary Russia
Jefferson Legendary America
John Buford Legendary America
Kim Si-min Legendary Korea
Joan of Arc Legendary Europe
Lu Ban Legendary China
Miyamoto Musashi Legendary Japan
Philip Sheridan Legendary America
Yi Song-gye Legendary Korea
Xiang Yu Legendary China
Undead General Legendary Others
Thomas Jackson Legendary America
Uesugi Kenshin Legendary Japan
Spartacus Legendary Others
Shimazu Yoshihiro Legendary Japan
Sanada Yukimura Legendary Japan
Princess Lucy Legendary Others

Now that you know what Generals to aim for, you might as well want to know where to get them in the game. Below, we have mentioned how to get them so you can improve your gameplay.

Steps to Obtain Generals

Follow these steps to know where you can obtain Generals in the game.

  • Launch Evony The King’s Return on your device
  • On the main screen, click on the Tavern tab
  • Select the menu you wish to choose among Wheel of Fortune, Recruit, or Great General Chest

By now you’d have an idea about all Legendary Generals in Evony The King’s Return. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can feel free to browse through other similar articles such as List of All Rare Generals in Evony and Best Skill Books Guide.


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