How To Get & Use Lucky Composing Card In Evony The King’s Return

This game introduces many events and ceremonies to keep its player engaged and give them opportunities, such as crazy Eggs, king’s path, dwarf’s lucky apple, witch challenge and lucky composing. Lucky composing is a recurring task that comes in weeks and stays for some time. This article tells you how you can get and use lucky composing cards in Evony the King’s Return.

How to Get Lucky Composing Cards in Evony

Lucky Composing Guide In Evony The Kings Return

  • There are three ways through which you can get lucky cards.
  • By collecting resources, the number of cards may differ with the level of resource spot, troop’s strength and number.
  • High-level gems mine give most cards in comparison to other spots but they are time consuming.
  • Killing Monsters, higher the level of the monster better the chance of getting a good card.
  • Boss Monster killing, boss enemies are always resourceful and give a good amount of dropouts.
  • Use lucky items like a double drop ring if you want more in less time.

How to Use Lucky Composing Card

  • Open your game on the right-hand bottom side of your screen you’ll see three dots, tap on them.
  • It will open various options, now choose the “Items” icon which has a chest on it.
  • Now go to the common section and scroll down to find cards.
  • Once you see the card, click on it, and you’ll get compose button as an option, tap it.
  • You’ll see three card sections and arrows, you use those arrows to change card color, and in the same box, you’ll get to see info on the level of the box that will compose with the combination.
  • When you compose, you’ll see a Lucky Box in your common inventory section, open to get resources.

How Many Are There

  • There are 5 color cards in it, and 10 chests to compose.
  • Different color combinations give different levels of chests and amounts of resources.
    • Blue + green + purple: Level 1 chest.
    • Blue + green + orange: Level 2 chest.
    • Blue + green + red: Level 3 chest
    • Purple + green + orange: Level 4 chest.
    • Purple + red + green: Level 5 chest.
    • Purple + red + blue: Level 6 chest.
    • Purple + orange + blue: Level 7 chest.
    • Red + green + orange: Level 8 chest.
    • Red + orange + blue: Level 9 chest.
    • Purple + red + orange: Level 10 chest.

That’s how to get and use lucky composing cards in Evony the King’s Return. Check out this another article from the same game best ground generals.


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